Seminary Hill cup Results: interviews

Anjani Waters '23

Saturday October 23rd marked the 13th annual Seminary Hill Cup, an ultimate Saints tradition that celebrates the strength, competitiveness, and ambition of our fall girl’s athletic teams. These teams include tennis, volleyball, cross country, field hockey, and soccer. The results of this event were huge as SSSAS is now 7-5 overall with wins from cross country, field hockey, and soccer! Hosted by Episcopal this year, the energy of our teams throughout the afternoon was unmatched, especially after the past year's absence from this essential tradition. 

To get even more insight into the details of our victories this weekend, I asked some of our participants about their games/events. Senior soccer captain, Lila Doyle ‘22, who has participated in SHC for three years, says “The energy (this year) was the highest it’s been all three of the times I’ve competed.” More specifically, “the intensity started to rise as more people showed up to watch and cheer teams on, which amped up the level on the field.” Her game ended with “the whole team, as well as the SSSAS girls athletes in the audience, running and cheering in the center of the field,” as it was the last game to end. First-year participant Dia Britto ‘25 agreed with Lila saying, “We played as a team very well, managing the game perfectly towards the end, and pushing the school to victory.” Also, a big shout out to varsity girls soccer for pulling through with an additional win on karaoke night, another SHC tradition taking place the night before the games!

Next up, Emmie Vajda ‘23 from cross country explained how her team went into the race a bit worried as their captain, Morgan Lewis ‘22, had a last-minute injury. Emmie said, “But in the end, everyone on the team ran really well and a lot of our runners had personal records!”  

Volleyball captain Amanda Edge ‘22 who has participated in SHC for three years, explains how even though “Episcopal had a really big turnout to watch our game, our energy was really great,” despite the unfortunate loss. 

Field hockey captain, Emmy Pascal ‘22, said the team “started off really strong with two goals off the bat in the first quarter,” which led them to stay in control of the game. According to Emmy, the energy from the friends and family in the crowd was great to have. In addition, she said there was “a ton of good falling content: Lindsay Lian had an awesome fall over an Episcopal girl and Abby Musser got taken down at the end,” but in the end, “we wanted the win and that’s what we got.”

Junior Mikki Taye ‘23 explains how, despite their loss in tennis, “it really motivated us for the ISL tournament the following week” as they played “really well against Georgetown Day School in the ISL quarterfinals after the match at Episcopal.” Mason Mantey ‘24, a first-time SHC participant, adds that “our team had fun and it was super cool that we ended up winning the cup as a school!” 

Although the fall athletics season is coming to an end, we are so proud of all our fall girl athletes, especially the seniors who have led their teams with obvious success, not only seen during the Seminary Hill Cup event, but throughout the entire season. 

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