Restaurant Review: Circa!

            I loved the bright, festive restaurant as soon as I walked into it with my two brothers and parents. Circa, an American restaurant located in Clarendon, VA, soon became my favorite place to eat. The kind waiter led us to our table that was decorated with elaborate silverware and candles. In fact, the waiter and my family ended up talking about college for twenty minutes, since we were celebrating my brother’s acceptance into Wake Forest University. As the waiter led my family and me to the table, I admired the cleanliness and thought-out design of the restaurant. There was a bar filled with numerous people inside Circa, but there was also a quiet outside patio; this is where we decided to eat.

            Because it was my first time eating at this restaurant, I did not know what to order. However, I made a great decision and ended up getting the steak with a side of fries. This tasty dish was ready in approximately fifteen minutes. My tastebuds were awakened to the range of flavor. The steak was cooked to perfection with delicious seasonings on top. Also, the fries were good, of course! 

            Not only are the steak and fries good, but there are other dishes such as the bruschetta and chicken wings that are also very appetizing. There is a wide variety of items to choose from on the Circa menu. These items range from salads and burgers to pizzas and seafood. There is something for everyone at this restaurant. In addition to the main dishes, there are also some popular sides that people order, including garlic mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and crispy Brussel sprouts. The fluffy, marvelous, bread was my favorite side. This bread reminded me of walking the streets of Paris and smelling the aroma of homemade baguettes. All of the appetizers and entrees were plated in an appealing way. For example, the steak was sliced up perfectly and was neatly placed in the center of the plate. This exquisite steak was surrounded by beautiful edible flowers and drizzled with a creamy, delectable sauce. The only negative aspect of this dish was its high price tag of $32.00. Even though this was a higher-priced meal, without a doubt, I would recommend this dish to every food connoisseur. However, there are other enticing dishes on Circa’s menu that are less expensive and just as satisfying, such as the Caesar salad. Overall, the food is fantastic and diverse, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their meal. 

             Another admirable aspect of Circa is its decor and atmosphere. The restaurant has twinkle lights located around the exterior seating patio. These look extremely pretty at night! In addition, there are candles placed on every table that smell like sweet lavender. The flowers situated on each table offer a natural fragrance as well. All of this decor helps to create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere for customers. The customers are also welcomed by the sound of live music. This classical music is played at the perfect volume, so people can hear each other converse. The entertainment is phenomenal at Circa because of the live music, but also because of Walter, the dog. Walter, a Bernese Mountain dog, waits at the entrance of the restaurant to greet his fellow guests! He is considered to be the “official greeter” for the restaurant. Walter loves all of the attention from family members, children, and couples. In general, the restaurant provides a wonderful ambiance in terms of decor and entertainment. 

               In conclusion, I really enjoyed the restaurant, Circa. In fact, the restaurant was named “Best of Arlington” in 2020 and “Best of Nova” in 2019. The staff and waiters were always available and willing to help us at any time. Our waiter checked up on my family numerous times while we were at the restaurant and made sure that we were taken care of. Additionally, even though we did not have a reservation, we were seated quickly. I recommend this restaurant to others because the premises were extremely clean, the atmosphere was great, and the food was delicious. Circa is a treasure that visitors and locals to Arlington should experience themselves.