Taylor's Takes

Andy Sterba '22 & Michael Rhind-Tutt '22

          Hey, what's good, it's me, Andy Sterba, returning to deliver another elite food review for you fine individuals today. This month I enlisted some assistance from some of the best the math department has to offer, Mr. Taylor and Mr. Summa. Together, we reviewed the infamous Mcdonald's menu-hacks. In total, we examined 3 menu hack sandwiches. The sandwiches in question can be identified as the Crunchy Double, the Hash Brown McMuffin, and the Land Air & Sea. Despite all the sandwiches being total bangers, there was one common issue among the three. The problem lies in the assembly of the sandwiches; they don't come together. Despite the flaw, it can be concluded that these menu hack sandwiches are worth the effort and elevate the level of taste that Mcdonald's is dishing out.

Land Air & Sea
Land Air and Sea 3.HEIC
Crunchy McDouble
Crunchy McDouble 1.jpeg
Taylor Crunchy McDouble (1)Andy Sterba '22
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Crunchy McDouble 2 (1).jpeg
Hashbrown McMuffin