Summer Music Playlist 
Reagan Reilly '24


As we go into summer, it is impossible not to get excited for sunny days by the pool with friends and beach vacations with family. But in order to guarantee an unforgettable summer, you need a summer playlist to compliment those special summer moments. The best summer day is not complete without the best summer playlist to go along with it. That is exactly why I went around the school asking students what their “Song of the Summer” will be and compiled a playlist of the songs that were mentioned. The songs in the playlist are a mix of different genres and diverse music tastes that will definitely have something for everyone. I also added a lot of songs that I’ll be listening to this summer, ranging from upbeat hype music for fun summer nights to more chill songs for a relaxing summer day. I hope this playlist will make your summer a little more complete and a lot more enjoyable.


Summer Playlist Link :)