Air Traffic

February 2019


     The Government Shutdown ended on Friday, January 25, lasting for 5 weeks. With the shutdown lasting so long it started to affect more than just the people who work for the government. Due to there not being enough air traffic controllers flights were cancelled because of the possibility of unsafe landings.  

     The delays impacted flights from Florida to all way the Boston. According to the New York Times, some airports like JFK, and Newark continued to keep their flights going as long as the destination remained open. The delays in Laguardia airport in Queens New York completely closed the runway off for arriving flights because there was so much traffic on the runway from not enough traffic controllers.

     The Federal Aviation Administration began to issue warnings that it may have been unsafe for planes to be traveling because of the lack of eyes that were watching the air traffic. The staffing of air traffic controllers was an issue even before the shutdown, so the shutdown hurt the industry even more. The New York Times states that, The National Air Traffic Controllers Association said that the amount of air traffic controllers is currently at a 30-year low for the amount of certified air traffic controllers.