Andy's column

Andy Sterba '22

Hi, I’m Andy and these are my thoughts. We will be diving into my mind going through a few class periods for me and those thoughts that race through my mind at certain times. I hope you enjoy looking through my thoughts. Good luck soldier.


Friday, October 15 12:45

How can water taste both good, bad, and like nothing at the same time?

Friday, October 15 12:47

Why are parents so much more involved with kids’ lives now?

Friday, October 15 12:49

Why does cream cheese taste so good but just sounds not good?

Friday, October 15 12:51

Are In-N-Out burgers overrated? I don't think so because they slap, but some people just can't get down with the animal style.


Friday, October 15 12:55

Why can people remember the dumbest littlest things but can't remember important things for school?


Friday, October 15 12:59

What burger place makes the best burgers? I think Shake Shack makes the best burgers.


Friday, October 15 1:01

Jimbo should dress up as Jimmy Neutron for Halloween.


Friday, October 15 1:03

Netflix has trash movies. No cap. They have bangers sometimes but then when you want to watch it they remove it.


Friday, October 15 1:06

Gladiator is way better than Squid Game. Fight me. Russell Crowe is a great actor. 


Friday, October 15 1:10

How do when you pull the tub water metal thing the water come out the top.


Friday, October 15 1:12

Why is peanut butter sticky? Cuz peanuts aren’t. Why is it called peanut butter when it’s not butter?


Friday, October 15 1:14

Why does blood rush to your head when you’re upside down but blood doesn't rush to your toes when you’re standing up?


Friday, October 15 1:18

Dangal is a great song from a mediocre movie.


Friday, October 15 1:20

Why is TV static what it plays when it can’t connect to things and not a blank screen?


Friday, October 15 1:23 

Why are hugs a thing? You just throw your body at people and that's love? 


Friday, October 15 1:24

Why are they called shower thoughts, when most of my thinking are not in the shower?


Friday, October 15 1:27

Is cereal soup?


Tuesday, October 19 1:47

Why do people have a sweet tooth because they know that candy is not healthy for them yet they crave it?


Tuesday, October 19 1:48

Where is the exact center of Earth because gravity.  Like if you could survive the heat what would the gravity do to you?


Tuesday, October 19 1:55

Cars are just big hunks of metal rolling very fast. 


Thursday, October 21 8:30

Is used hand sanitizer still good?


Thursday, October 21 9:15

Issac Newton is kind of a loser for creating gravity.


Thursday, October 21 9:19

I'm kind of thirsty.


Thursday, October 21 9:20

I really want water right now I wish the water fountains were on…


Thursday, October 21 9:23

Why do green screens work?


October 27 12:59

Why is it called a hamburger when it just doesn't have ham in it.


November 1 1:40

Marinera sauce on PB&J lowkey slaps.


November 1 1:42

Why do metal boats float?


November 1 1:43

Imagine the first caveman that invented fire. Imagine how smart they must have felt. Put them in this day and age and they would be really stupid.


November 1 1:45

I'm really hungry.


November 1 1:48

Why they do that?


November 1 1:50

I could get some nice grub rn. 


November 3 8:18

I love the cold because it reminds me of the smells of the holiday.


November 3 8:36

My dad snores hella loud. 


November 3 8:42

LeBron James on the calm app is kinda wack.


November 3 8:46

The calm app is ridiculous because everything requires calm app prime.


November 3 9:00

Ludwig van Beethoven makes bangers. 


November 3 9:02

I really wish I could play the piano.


November 3 9:16

Thanksgiving food is the best and can't get anything like it any other time.


November 5 9:58

Covid doesn't care about my feelings and that makes me sad. 


November 5 10:14

I wish I had super speed so I could zoom.


November 5 10:18

Hamburgers are the best food ever created. They are just so efficient.


November 5 10:21

Nature can make the most beautiful of things like a cool mountain range but then it can create really ugly things like a hairless cat.


November 5 10:37

How does velcro work?


November 5 10:43

Osbourn Dorsey was the inventor of the doorknob and door stopper.

November 11 1:49

Wake-up alarm songs make me angry.


November 11 1:52

If you play sports then why is swimming a sport because you can’t play swimming.


November 17 9:44

How do they print frosting on a cookie?


November 17 9:46

Some cookies are so fire but other cookies are just not the move.


November 17 10:32

If I had identical twins, they would be identical because they would have the same name and same everything.


November 17 10:34

If I could get into an NBA game I would hit a step back 3 on Steph.