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Daily Student Blogs

Wednesday, April 22: CJ Sheperdson '20

Quarantine has been very stressful on me and my family because my sister and I are both seniors, I am a senior in high school and she is a senior in college. Both of us are having to deal with events getting cancelled and finishing up our senior springs with online classes. This is obviously sad for both of us but we are trying to make the most of it. 

Most of my days have been fairly similar, just trying to get outside and out of the house as much as possible. I have a basketball hoop in my backyard and I live fairly close to school so it is easy for me to exercise and stay active. Most of my weekdays have been almost like the movie groundhog day with how similar they have been, I have even been eating the same food! Being at home all the time is hard for me because I eat out a lot but I occasionally go to Chik-Fil-A because they do a very good job of curbside pickup. 

To pass the time when I am not outside, I have been playing a lot of video games and watching movies or tv shows. Video games are a good way for my friends and I to stay connected and talking during these times. I am a big sports fan so having no live sports is hard but I am very much looking forward to the upcoming NFL Draft that starts tomorrow because it is something that I can watch and be invested in for the first time in a while. I am also very invested in the Michael Jordan documentary that first aired on Sunday and without having sports for about a month these two things will hopefully fill the void in the meantime.

Other than those things I have basically just been spending time with my family and watching the news to try and keep up to date with everything that has been going on. It is important to stay up to date on current events especially during these times. I am looking forward to having a strong end of the school year and getting together as a community again when we can.

Tuesday, April 21: Emma Bartholomay '20

Hey Saints! I miss you all so much and wish we could be back on campus, but sadly we’re not there yet. Today I have organized things in my room for about the third time and feel that each time I get closer to my breaking point. Each day feels the same. On school days I wake up around 8. Get dressed. Go to class. Go on a walk. Do homework. Find odd tasks or projects that keep me busy and repeat it all over again the next day. Today is no different. I feel like I’m not the only one running out of things to keep them busy and distracted.

I’ve always been an introvert which surprisingly hasn’t made quarantining any easier. I’m surprised by how much I miss being around people, not just my friends at school but strangers that I pass at Dunkin’. I know that it's really easy to fall into a funk and mope around, but I encourage all of you to fight it. We need to remind ourselves that this isn’t forever and that soon enough we will be back with our friends making new memories. One day this will feel like a bad dream and we will once again be surrounded by the people and things we love to do. Hang in there!

Monday, April 20: LAetitia Haddad '20

Sunday, April 19: Harrison Brown '20

Ending senior year without the Capitals or getting to enjoy it with my friends? What kind of nightmare is this? Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I’ve had to find a way to enjoy the things I love differently.

I usually wake up around 7:45-8 AM each day to eat breakfast before I start class. Afterward, I take my french bulldog puppy, Olive, for a walk around Belle Haven, the first of two walks for her a day with the other in the evening. Whenever my parents and I get out of the kennel to walk, she explodes in excitement because she figures that it’s time to walk while my older dog, Seamus (a Shepherd mix), barks in jealousy (my dad usually takes him separately).

I look forward to it as much as Olive does as while quarantining is essential, it’s also critical to get some fresh air.

After I walk Olive, I usually have a snack, often, this new trail mix that I tried a few weeks ago and loved. Then, I get started on work so I can enjoy the rest of my day after my dad, a lobbyist for a utility company, finishes up some conference calls. He’s a very busy man.

While I wait for my dad after I wrap up homework, I usually write a few posts for the blog I write for about the Capitals, watch Capitals highlights (I need to keep hockey in my life somehow), and just relax. Good thing NBC Sports Washington is re-running games, including during the 2018 Stanley Cup run, on the weekends. If you have been around me during this pandemic or at all outside of school, I mostly have music on while I’m doing everything.

Once my dad is done, I usually spend a bit playing in my basement. After a little while, during the night, we were watching the Jack Ryan series with John Krasinski in it but recently caught up with the whole series. Spy movies and shows are the best, and I am a huge fan of the Jason Bourne movie series, so Jack Ryan was easy to fall in love with after my dad introduced it to me.

It has been a disappointment not to go out to eat, but my mom has been cooking some excellent food. She made my grandmother’s signature nut muffins, which we only have one or two mornings when we go down to the beach 2-4 times a year, the other day, and my family has also made pork chops and bacon and eggs among many things.

With the Capitals’ season on hold, I finally have some time to practice driving and have gone out more since our last real day of school.

I have also been taking time to talk with and get to know some new college classmates. We’ve had a few Zoom calls in the past couple of weeks. My roommate, a Rangers fan from Connecticut (wish me luck living with him), and I have also started a hockey club with a fair amount of hockey fans, especially from New York and New England, going to school with us next year. I have made some more friends who may not share my love of hockey, but I’m looking forward to making more and more.


Everyone, please stay safe and healthy. We’re all going to get through this together.

Wednesday, April 15: Delaney Moore '20

Hi Saints!! 

So I have to admit I was hoping that this quarantine would all be over by Easter, but I was very wrong. I feel as though with every passing day, I just feel more disappointed that I can’t go out into civilization but I am hanging in there. Here is what I’ve been up to...

I started my day at 8:20 waking up merely 10 minutes before my first class of the day, Detective Fiction. During that class, we discussed our latest Sherlock Holmes story and thought about ideas for our big essay that is due next month. I then had about a 10-minute break before my Journalism class, and during those 10 minutes I read some emails and skimmed my news story. During Journalism we caught up with where everyone was with their April stories and started brainstorming ideas for our next issue. My third class of the day was AP Spanish, and we had a whole bunch of different assignments that are all meant to improve our Spanish for the upcoming AP examination. My final class of the day was Chorus. We had a warm up via zoom as a class and then we were all sent off on our own to make our recordings and do our individual assignments. After school finished, I was feeling quite exhausted because my sleep schedule has been pretty messed up, but nevertheless I started briefly on some homework. Then at around 1 pm, my family and I got in the car for a short drive just to get out of the house and we ordered some Five Guys for lunch. After lunch, I was feeling very stressed because I have to make my college decision and I am still not sure what I want to do, so with every passing day that I don’t make a deposit I get more anxious. Since I was feeling so stressed, I decided to get some fresh air and take a walk around my neighborhood which was really pleasant. After my walk I avoided my emails for fear that I would be stressed all over again, and instead I conversed with my sister. I think my favorite part of the day was just laughing about Tik Tok with my sister and having a second to take a breather. I think the biggest lesson I learned today was just to live in the current moment and not get so stressed about everything in the future. I think that's what we all should try and do, just take each day as it comes and enjoy the moment. 

Tuesday, April 14: Hadley Boston '21

This morning I woke up at 8:00 to make myself coffee and I used the last bit of my Dunkin Donuts coffee grounds. My parents don’t approve of me drinking coffee so I won’t have anymore coffee the rest of social distancing. After my classes ended at 12:20, I reheated my chicken fried rice for my lunch. I waited 20 minutes after eating to work out, so I started training at 1:00. My favorite workout app to use is the peloton because my whole family can use the app and it includes not only biking, but glutes, abs, yoga, and stretches, based on how long you want to exercise or what music you want to listen to. I started with 45 minutes of conditioning on the bike with a pre recorded session and ended with 15 minute abs. My favorite music station category will always be yacht rock. What I love about it too is, the music that is chosen helps with pacing changes by using beats per minute. I really appreciate this because anybody who knows me knows I have no rhythm, and I can barely clap on beat. After I finished up at 2:00, I jumped in my pool, which I waited three days before swimming in for the first time this spring. Not even 20 minutes into relaxing, our neighborhood ducks returned. They flew in on the opposite side, but they are comfortable with me being in there too, even though they still watched me. They are a boy and a girl duck and it is so beautiful to watch them swim in the water. It sounds boring, but the majority of the day I watched them. They stayed in the water till about 8:00 and then they slept next to the pool beside our bushes. Social distancing is hard to maintain when I am used to constantly being busy and spending my free time with others. What I have found that I have taken advantage of the most is having a choice, whether it be to stay inside or go out. I’ve realized though that I’m lucky that all my family is safe and I’ve never spent as much time with my Mom as I have in these past few months. Things like having Starbucks or Dunkin, being with my friends, or going out to dinner with family are miniscule, they are what made my life enjoyable. I have spent this week trying to adapt to my new lifestyle and find activities to bring my life happiness. I am working out everyday, facetiming friends and family, and swimming with ducks. I may not see my friends or teachers all the time and my family may be trying to kill each other, all this has taught me the importance of routine and independence. I have become more comfortable with myself than I ever took the time to focus on. If I had the company of others or distractions from electronics, I don’t think I would have taken the time to just watch the ducks for the day.

Monday, April 13: Lauren Irish '23

Sunday, April 12: Indi Clayton '20

Saturday, April 11: Tim Keefe '20

Hey blog, long time no see. During the last couple weeks, I was hoping that things would change. Well… they have not. The stay at home order is still effective until June. Sad face. Well, what have I been doing? To be honest, not a lot. Today, I started my day by waking up at 10 am. It is Saturday so I decided that I could sleep in today. After waking up I checked the weather and scrolled on my phone to see what the new day brought. Around 12:30, I was told by my mom that it was my duty to go with my brother to go out into the world and pick up lunch. Today, our lunch would be Sweet Green. My mom warned me of all the procedures that I must follow in order to stay safe and mitigate the risk. After returning home from Sweet Green, I ate my lunch in the kitchen. After that I played some video games with my friend until around 4:30. Then it was time to do my daily workout. After my 45 minute workout I took a shower and waited in my room until dinner. Tonight’s meal was Mexican. Yummy. After dinner, I watched the first episode of Ozark then went to bed. 

Mentally, throughout this quarantine time, the thing that drives me everyday is doing something productive. It does not matter what it is, so long as it is productive. It can be to workout, to do school work, to do chores. Anything as long as I feel like I have done something with my day. The activity that has made me feel the best is working out. I work out almost everyday and that has made me feel so mentally great. Knowing that I am improving my body makes me feel so accomplished and happy. 

Friday, April 10: Ryan Vuono '20

Today is Good Friday, so we had the day off of school, so I slept until 11. After finally rolling out of bed about 30 minutes later, I went downstairs to make myself breakfast, which today happened to be a giant taco. I had planned to make a breakfast burrito, but after I made the egg, cheese and pepper filling, I tried to roll the tortilla and I realized it was too small. I was forced to make the hard decision to just eat it as one massive taco instead. It was delicious. After that I played video games for a little bit, then went upstairs to do some schoolwork. That included working on this very website! If you’re already here, thank you for reading and exploring all our hard work. After that I had lunch and some brownies that my sister made, then mowed the lawn. For the rest of the evening, I worked out, played some more video games, had dinner, and watched a movie with my family. 

Thursday, April 9: Chumani Chamberlain '21

Hey Saints! 

Today was a super busy day for me, but I am proud of myself for getting everything accomplished. I began my day in Spanish where we had a quiz, and I had the opportunity to connect with my classmates which was a lot of fun! I then had APLANG where we continued our study of The Things They Carried and I got to connect with Dr. Sidle and our class stuffed animals! Next, I had Graphic Design and then I finished my school day with a Biology test. After the school day, I completed my APUSH research paper and proofread it a million times haha! The best part of my day was going on a run with my Dad. This was something we had never done before and we are now planning on going on a run every day. Finally, my family and I had a movie night and watched Hobbs and Shaw, if you are a Fast and Furious fan like me this is a great movie for you! It is action-packed with some comedy and guest appearances from Kevin Hart and Ryan Reynolds!


The biggest lesson I learned today is to stay motivated. When you are at home for so long it can be easy to lose motivation, so every day set a schedule for yourself and some goals to get you through the day. It will pay off in the long run!

Wednesday, April 8: Lily Bertles '22

Tuesday, April 7: Tori Carr '20

Monday, April 6: Katie Patrick '21

Sunday, April 5: Halle Knutson '20

Friday, April 3: Ben Silverman '20

I woke up at around 8:00, snoozed my alarm a few times and got up at around 8:15 to take a quick shower before class. I had my graphic design class first, then my Stats class, then Forensics and then a free period before STAT. After classes, I made breakfast/lunch and proceeded to do some high quality Netflix and HBO binging. I've been watching lots of shows to keep from getting bored, rewatching The Office and Game of Thrones and starting Stranger Things, and watching lots of comedy specials with John Mulaney, Bo Burnham and Anthony Jeselnik (just to name a few).
Once I got bored of binging, I hopped on some Rocket League to play with friends. We bounced around games for a few hours, moving over to Rainbow Six: Siege, Grand Theft Auto and Golf with Friends. After that, I went for a run to get some fresh air and exercise, I'm lucky that I live right next to Wolf Trap and have an extremely nice national park to explore during this lockdown. When I got back home, I had a little bit of time before dinner so I queued up with my brother in some Overwatch, ate dinner, and then used the Netflix Party Chrome extension to watch a horror movie with some friends. I've been using it a lot, I usually would go over to their house or go out to the movies, but seeing as though that's not possible, it's very nice to be able to still connect with them and be somewhat social while not able to physically be together with them. By now, it's gotten quite late so I call my girlfriend to say goodnight and talk with her before bed, make a 1am snack while on the phone and then say goodnight and sleep.