Being Stuck With Your Family

by Katie Patrick '21

Ever thought you would spend this much time with your family?  It is about week 5, and we are at the point now where all of this family time could be making people go crazy! There is no way of avoiding your family during this time. You have to eat meals at home, do school work from home, almost everything you do is at home, or at least more things at home than you're used to. 

As highschoolers especially, we are usually so busy and on the go that we are never home. Junior Grace Murphy says that “My parents used to never be home because of their work so it was weird us all being at home at the same time at first, but after a couple weeks we adapted to this new lifestyle and it's hard to remember my days without all of this added family time but it's starting to get….old.” 

Just like Grace, maybe once a week my family would be all together in the same room, but clearly quarantine has changed that. As much as everyone loves their families (hopefully) there is such a thing as too much time with them and that's okay in this circumstance. All of your family's bad and good memories from this experience will turn into good stories one day!

To make the time past, people in the SSSAS community have spent their family time doing puzzles, playing cards, hiking, and watching movies, all things that can get boring very quickly. To be honest, I have done most of these with my family and the thought of taking another walk or hike just sounds horrible, however, doing these activities with my family has given us an opportunity to catch up and spend time together. Normally, we would never have the time to take hikes, walks and play games together. 

Junior Ana Bach, who is an only child, sums up her family time, saying “dad showed me his record player and my mom and I learned how to cook, now I'm bored of them and feel so isolated and miss my friends!” 

On the other hand, lots of students have their college-age siblings home. Juniors Olivia Wood and Joan Marie Walsh agreed that without their older siblings, home quarantine would be very boring because it makes the house louder and more fulfilled, but it is also tough because they make the house very crowded causing unnecessary arguments. 

Junior Eva Balistreri says that it's bittersweet because “they aren't supposed to be living at home, making them miserable that they are missing their second semester at college. We are constantly bickering, but I don’t think it's coming out of a place of anger, but more us just wanting to go back to reality.” 

I feel like there are times when my family and I are arguing about something silly for so long that I just can't handle them anymore. It's unavoidable that our anxious minds are going to take it out on our family. Something to keep in mind is parents themselves are balancing work, preparing meals and taking care of the household, which definitely can not be easy.  In the end,this will grow your bond with your family, and you will always remember your months in quarantine with them.