Meet Bennett Donohue ‘19, The SSSAS Men’s Lacrosse Team “Hype Man”

By Harrison Brown '20

June 2019 Profile Issue 


Bennett Donohue ‘20 is concluding his third season as a midfielder for the St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School’s varsity lacrosse team. As part of our profiling issue, The Voice’s Harrison Brown sits down with Bennett to talk about lacrosse, his interests and hobbies outside of school, and more.


Currently, Bennett is sitting on the sidelines watching his team due to a torn labrum that he suffered while playing football for the school in the fall. While he is on the sidelines, Bennett has helped the team get pumped up for game action. “I feel like I can bring good energy to the team and have everyone focused, hyped up by the sideline or wherever. I’ve been doing whatever the coaches need me to [on the sidelines], just hyping up players and bringing energy to the team when they need it,” Bennett said.


The 17-year-old has played lacrosse since he was in third grade, though for a team outside of the school. He just plays for the St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes team now. “I think lacrosse and sports, in general, have [kept] me busy...I feel like [lacrosse] helps me manage my time better and get stuff done efficiently.”


Bennett began his love for lacrosse when he played the sport with a lot of his friends in elementary school. He picked up lacrosse and kept learning more and more as he began playing. Bennett told The Voice that he was not influenced by anybody to play lacrosse. “No one in my family played lacrosse before me so when I first started, it was kind of a new thing for my whole family. When I first started playing, I was not really sure what I was doing but I quickly learned and developed a love for the sport.”


"Bennett's a young man whom I respect as much as I admire,” said Head Coach Tim Dodds. “He's been a lacrosse fanatic and a fan of the game since I've known him as my advisee in sixth grade, and though he's experienced more than his fair share of adversity with chronic, season-ending injuries, he's still given his best in terms of time and effort to the overall team, and in whatever capacity he can. Though it’s most often in the unsung ways, this is the type of person he is and always has been--one who puts self aside (sacrifices, selfishness, and personal disappointments) for the sake of all,” he added. “Goodness is in our school mission, but it comes to life because of community members like him who have it inherently within their fabric, and who share it every day like he does."


Despite lacrosse and football being very different sports, Bennett feels that there is a connection between the two. “I feel like in both sports teamwork is key, which is what I really like. I like working together with my teammates who I’ve built great connections with working towards a common goal,” he said.


Some hobbies that he has outside of school and lacrosse include football, which he plays for the school in the fall, and hanging out, chilling, watching TV, or playing videogames with his friends. Bennett also likes to spend time with his dog. “Many times after a lacrosse or football practice I will go to Chipotle or Noodles & Company with some of my teammates,” he said of some places that he likes to hang out at.


Bennett’s favorite part about being in school is hanging out with his friends that he has known “forever,” since he has been at St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes since kindergarten. His favorite class is math. Bennett is not sure about his college major but he said that it will “most likely be business-related.”

On what lessons he has learned from playing lacrosse, he said that “Lacrosse has definitely taught [me] the importance of working together and to be selfless because to be successful in a team sport like lacrosse, everyone has to be on the same page and play for one another.”


Bennett told The Voice that he will not play lacrosse in college but may decide to play for a lacrosse club if he has the option to do so when he gets there. He felt like that he could pursue athletics for a career path, saying “Possibly and even if it’s not necessarily playing a sport, I feel like sports can open opportunities for other things whether it’s coaching, reporting and other jobs like that.”


“I feel like I am able to bring a hard-working mentality and give it my all for whatever team I am playing for or whatever class I am in,” Bennett said on what he thinks that he can bring to the team.


“[I’m] looking forward to ending the season strong. Hopefully, we can get [Interstate Athletic Conference] and a state championship. That’s our overall goal, so hopefully, we can achieve that.”