Julie Newman '21

Behind the Scenes with a Theater Kid

By Claire Cavanaugh '20

June 2019 Profile Issue 

julie prof issue.png

When you think of a theater kid, what typically comes to mind? Is it someone loud, referencing their shows in every sentence, or always breaking out into song? Well at least some of that applies to Julie Newman, a junior here at St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes, but she is quick to explain the benefits of being a theater kid that move beyond stereotypes: “a lot of that is true but I think that being in theater lets you kind of develop more friendships, making connections because you’re spending so many hours with these people, and I think theater kids are a lot more open and friendly and are able to make connections more easily because of that.” The way that Julie walks, talks, and does her everyday activities is evident of this. She is confident in the way that she speaks and acts towards other people; she is never afraid to just be herself.

When you’re as involved in theater as Julie is, your schedule can get a little hectic. She sometimes may not have time for everything that she needs to get done: “So with rehearsals typically I will just go to school like normal and then basically right after classes...and then outside of school if I’m doing another show it’ll usually be I’ll either leave early from the school rehearsal or right after the school rehearsal I’ll leave and go to another rehearsal.” Although her schedule may be overwhelming at times, she is okay with it because: “ it’s my thing and it’s super fun so I’m cool with the busy schedule.”

Another challenge of the busy schedule involved with theater is actually having time for homework and the school aspect of life. Julie expresses that juggling theater and school work has proven to be one of the hardest parts of being such an involved actress: “I think one of the main things with being in so many productions is that there’s not as much time for say homework, and so I think at times it was pretty difficult to figure out like when am I not gonna be on stage so I can go find my computer and do this essay.”

Over the years, however, Julie has found the way to face this problem head on and trying to make sure she is never behind on work:  “I think just the strategy for that was emailing teachers saying, hey I’m probably not gonna have time for homework on Monday so what can I do this weekend to get ahead, and then that way I wouldn't have to worry about it and I could just go to rehearsal.”  

Julie always seems to enjoy what she is doing up on stage, and you are really able to tell because of how much effort she puts into every single show she is a part of. Julie has been involved in several shows this school year. She first started with the fall play: Peter and the Starcatcher. Next was Shrek the musical where she played multiple roles, including Mama Ogre, one of the Three Blind Mice, and a Duloc Dancer. Next up is a restaging of Twelve Angry Men for Mary Margaret Lehmkuhler senior project. Her most recent outside of school performance was Catch me if you Can at Act Two at Levine. Finally Julie is now going to be performing at the end of the year Cappies Gala at the Kennedy Center. She will be dancing on stage with some of the best dancers in the Northern Virginia Area. This all proves to be a lot to handle, but when theater is what you love it seems to not matter a bit.