Blog: Chumani

Sunday, March 15, 2020

I began my day taking my two amazing dogs, Bella and Zorro, outside. They were happy to get some fresh air and they were even happier to realize that my family and I would be staying home for the entire day! My parents and I cooked breakfast together, and then I took my computer and hooked it up to watch church online. Honestly, that’s when the new reality of the coronavirus began to set in for me. At that moment, I realized that watching church from home and talking to my friends through facetime or zoom became my new normal, and still it’s hard for me to accept. I continued my day by setting up a goal list for myself, by the end of the long break I wanted to have worked out every single day, have a VERY clean room, finish my research paper, and so much more. I wanted these goals to implement a sense of structure within my life to ensure that I don’t get too out of control when it comes to sitting on the couch and watching my favorite Netflix shows. I ended my day by watching my church’s youth group service online. It was great to connect with everyone and take a little bit of anxiety off of my shoulders. Although I will be inside my house for a while, I am excited to see what I accomplish over this long break. 


Monday, March 16, 2020

I began my day by going on Google meet with my pre-calculus class and Ms. Khosla to review for our upcoming test that we are taking online. At first, it was kinda odd to see all of my classmates on a screen, but as time went on and as we learned together everyone began to understand the material a lot better despite us completing our class in an unconventional way. This time to review for the test gave me some hope that distance learning won’t be as bad as I initially thought it was going to be, and it made me realize that with a little bit of patience and resilience we can all get through this together. I continued my day by cleaning my room and spending some time with my family and dogs by watching TV. I had the opportunity to facetime and talk to some friends and talk about all of the coronavirus news as well as unpack how our daily lives are going and changing. I ended my day on a great note by working out in my basement and running on the treadmill. By the end of my workout, I not only felt great about myself, but I also had gained confidence that I can accomplish a lot despite being at home all the time! So for all of my friends who can’t find anything to do, here’s some advice, start your days off by setting some goals and work to get those goals done step by step throughout the day. Trust me, by the end of the day, you will feel accomplished and productive!


Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Today was the first day of distance learning and I am here to say it went so well! I began my day in Dr. Sidle’s class where we did a writing exercise on our current book, The Things They Carried. Next, during graphic design, I had the opportunity to Google Meet with Ms. Elkins and the rest of my class and then we proceeded to work on our elements of design projects. In Biology, we continued our unit with Mr. Yoder on genetics, and in Spanish, I did various activities on Passport and finished class off with creating a flip grid video to reinforce what I learned in my other activities! Although I wasn’t physically in school today, I enjoyed reconnecting with my fellow classmates and learning alongside them in a new yet productive way. Despite the uncertainties COVID-19 presents to the world, today I gained a new sense of hope. That despite any setback our world may face, it is the way in which we respond that matters. In terms of our SSSAS community, our response has been unifying even though we are all not together at one!


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Another day with distance learning! I woke up this morning a little bit sorer after my workout from yesterday, but I am still more motivated than ever to tackle the day hard! I began my day with a free period where I took some time to catch up on homework, plan out my day, and reflect on how life has been so far. Although my loneliness has increased tremendously, I have been able to get so much work done, and spend quality time with my family! I continued my day by having pre-calculus with Ms. Khosla. Then, I took a test in APUSH, and I ended my day in Journalism with Mrs. McElroy, where we talked about our upcoming coronavirus issue. Despite some limitations that we have experienced because of the COVID-19, I still feel productive. Obviously school is not the same, however, I am appreciative of our teachers who have put a lot of work into making distance learning the best it can be. Yes, the coronavirus has taken away a lot from everyone, but I have faith. I have faith that our school will be able to go through distance learning TOGETHER and still be the best we can be. I have faith that our world can come together and create a solution to the coronavirus to flatten the curve, will it be tomorrow? No, but it will happen. Social distancing, self-quarantine, and distance learning is new for all of us. No, it will not be perfect, far from it, but I have faith that our world can come together and conquer this pandemic.