How Popeyes Changed the Chicken Sandwhich Game

Game changing. In early June, Popeyes, the famous company known for its Southern style chicken, announced that they would be selling their own version of the chicken sandwich. The first release of the chicken sandwich came out in early July of this year. It was a huge hit to the people of America, and sold out in roughly two weeks. Popeyes did not expect for it to sell out so quickly and it upset many people who were unable to get their hands on the sandwich. The question that was asked and demanded by the people to Popeyes was when it would be returning. 

For the three months after the sandwich was sold out, the once-packed Popeyes restaurants were relatively vacant. People still went to Popeyes for the different variations of chicken that Popeyes has on their menu, but it was not the same. After the long wait, Popeyes announced that the famous chicken sandwich would be coming back on November 2. This day was advantageous to Popeyes because it was Sunday. Chick-fil-a is another company that has been selling chicken sandwiches and are famous for their version. However,  Sunday is the only day of the week that rival Chick-fil-a is closed. Popeyes chose this day because they knew that this day would help publicize their new menu item. 

When the new chicken sandwich came out for the second time, it did not disappoint. Once again, the restaurants’ drive thrus were packed and the lines to get in the restaurants were out the door. People waited hours to get their hands on the $3.99, cheap, but tasty delicacy. Traffic patterns around the restaurants were horrible as well. 

The Popeyes chicken sandwich consists of either mild or spicy chicken, a brioche bun, pickles, and either mayonnaise or spicy cajun sauce.

When interviewing several seniors, different opinions were expressed. Tyson Tilch, a senior, said “It was so good. The spicy version is way better than the regular one. It’s better than the Chick-fil-a sandwich because of the crunchiness, the bun, and the sauce that is on it. Also the amount of chicken on the sandwich. I get the bang for my buck.” 

Ben Wayer, another senior, had a different opinion. He said “It's pretty good, but I think the Chick-fil-a one is better because Chick-fil-a sauce is better on a chicken sandwich.” 

The opinions regarding the sandwich are all different and go both ways pretty evenly. In my opinion, it is wonderful. The amount of chicken between the two buns is more than desirable. The taste of southern chicken just melts into your mouth as you take each bite. The crunchiness adds so much to the level of desirability as well. Both the mayonnaise and spicy cajun sauce just add an explosion of flavor that hits the taste buds just right. It is spicy but not too much that the palette cannot handle it. I get more chicken for such a low price. I think it is just all around better compared to Chick-fil-a. 

The sandwich is great, but has also brought the worst out of people to the point that people have turned to violence to buy the precious delicacy. According to NBC news, there was a brutal stabbing in the Popeyes in Oxon Hill, Maryland. It allegedly started when 28 year old Kevin Davis cut the long line to get the sandwich earlier. He was then confronted by 30 year old Ricoh McClain. After this confrontation they both left restaurant and McClain stabbed Davis once. Davis was then taken to a hospital where he later died. This is a sad event that cost a man his life and should not have happened. It is just a $3.99 sandwich. 

The buzz of Popeyes at the start of the release was wonderful. Now that the sandwich is out and weeks have passed, will the hype stay high or will Popeyes once again become a place where that is frequented on a rare occasion?