Food Reviews with Ristau and Sterba

Will Ristau '22, Andy Sterba '22

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We are seniors Will Ristau and Andy Sterba and these are our food reviews of 4 restaurants in the DC area. We picked 4 straight gas. We were going to make mukbang style vids but they were garbo and just wack. So we decided to just have written reviews so yall don't see us eatin and chewin for 10 mins. We can keep this up if you hit the like and subscribe button down below and comment what your favorite food review was.


Halal Guys:

The best way to describe Halal Guys is a healthy Chipotle. You walk into the restaurant and smell the fresh Greek cuisine cooking. You have the choice of a bowl or a burrito style sandwich. You go down the line telling the Halal Guy’s employee what you want in your bowl or burrito. There are three types of meat: falafel, beef gyro, and chicken. Halal Guys is a banger restaurant for a quickie on the go. Ristau got the falafel bowl which was filled with orange rice, lettuce, onions, and pita bread on the side. Sterba had the beef gyro which was delicious. Probably the best thing about Halal Guys is the secret white sauce which just explodes with flavor once it hits your taste buds. Think of Chick-Fil-A sauce combined with Thousand Island sauce and you got this white sauce. They also sell it by the bottle so you can enjoy it at home. I would say around 11:30 is the perfect time to go because there was no one else there, and the service was fantastic. The location of Halal Guys is great. It is in Alexandria Commons, which is a great place to hang out with friends and get a bite to eat. Right off of Duke Street and down the street from Old Town, most people can easily access it. Totally recommended for a casual lunch.


Best Buns:

Best Buns has the best breakfast sandwich in the world. Sterba even said “Their sandwich is elite.” Their sandwich can clutch up in the heat of the moment in the morning when you just need a banger sammy. They slather it up in mayo, which just brings out the flavor of the sausage and egg. Don’t even get me started about the bread. Oh My God, the bread makes the whole sandwich. Two fresh baked loaves, warm right out of the oven, can automatically turn your morning around. Ristau decided to get the coffee cake muffin. The muffin was so soft and sweet, and still warm from the oven. Crumbs fall onto the table as soon as you take a bite. They sprinkle a little powdered sugar on top which just gives it the extra flavor to bring it over the top. This is hands down the best pastry I have ever tasted and totally recommend to anyone willing to try it. They also have many other pastries to choose from including muffins, cookies, danishes, croissants, etc. As soon as you step foot in the building, you can smell the fresh baked pastries and bread. That is how you know their food is fresh. The restaurant is in a great location also. Right off interstate 395 in the village of Shirlington. There are many shops, restaurants, and even a movie theater here. Best Buns shares space with the fantastic restaurant Carlye. If you decide to stop by before 11 AM, you can go through the double doors on the left and sit in one of Carlye’s booths for a nice relaxing breakfast. But if you are in a hurry and just need a quick cup of coffee and pastry, then you can easily come right in and be out in less than five minutes. I would be careful of the crowds, even during the weekdays, it can get crowded around rush hour. Sometimes you can be standing in line for up to 15-20 minutes. But the wait is definitely worth it. Another thing that I should definitely mention is the service at Best Buns. They have pastries and coffee ready to go, so you get your pastry within a minute. But if you decide to settle for the delicious breakfast sandwich, you will most likely have to wait about 10 minutes because they prepare the sandwich fresh right when you order. The staff is very friendly and welcoming, and happy to accommodate any allergies you might have. With the Omicron variant spreading, Best Buns is very Covid safe, requiring mask wearing, social distancing, etc. They take Covid very seriously. With all that said, Best Buns is a great local place that has been here in Shirlington through the years, and has never steered me wrong from when I want something fulfilling for breakfast.


& Pizza:

&Pizza. Y'all ready know it hits different. The Maverick is the GOAT. But for real &Pizza has so many different types of pizza that it’s perfect for everyone. The atmosphere of the restaurant is like a clean, very modern style interior. &Pizza is such a good pizza spot if you have an open lunch because it is fast and since it is in the Bradlee Center the drive is quick. Another defining feature of &Pizza is their boxes, the boxes the pizza comes in is a slanted design that seems to have no benefit to it over the regular box shape but I mean, it's different so that's cool I guess. The real reason why you guys are reading this is for the food review so let's get into it. Andy had the buffalo 66 pizza, that was just a good pizza. The crust of the pizza is just so crispy and delicious that I don't even know what to say about it other than other pizza places need to step up their game. The toppings had a good blend, but I do not recommend this pizza unless you can handle a little bit of heat because this pizza was hot. Will had the Maverick and this pizza needs no introduction. I can’t forget to mention the green sauce they drizzle on top of the pizza. It literally tastes like heaven. This pizza is the best pizza I’ve ever had and the way that the pizza is in a perfect portion size just makes &Pizza the most elite pizza in the area. I will put it on my momma that you will enjoy a pizza that you have at &Pizza because this place is so bangertastic that I had a hard time to find the correct word to say about it.


Samurai Hibachi:

Samurai Hibachi is a fantastic restaurant to go relax and watch the food be cooked right in front of you. The service was amazing, we were seated right away. The only complaint I have about Samurai is it takes quite a while to actually get your food. If you are looking for a quick bite to eat for lunch, I would not recommend Samurai. But if you want dinner perfect for the whole family, Samurai is the place. It is so cool to watch your food get cooked in front of your eyes, not to mention the fire and knife tricks the chef conducts. Enough about the service, the food was spectacular. Everyone starts off with a side salad, one of the best salads I have ever had, and mushroom soup. This sort of compliments the wait time to get your entree. But it is worth the wait. Trust me. The chicken fried rice was just what I needed to get through the rest of the day. The flavor of the chicken combined with the rice and vegetables makes a delicious combination in your mouth. There was also steak and shrimp to try, which all looked amazing. One of the cool things about the hibachi restaurants is that you sit at a table with complete strangers. Sterba and I met this nice couple from Winston-Salem vacationing in the DC area. We talked to them for a while, getting to know them, telling them about our school, our college search, etc. This was such a nice way to meet new people. Now let's talk about the price. I was very surprised to see how cheap the chicken fried rice was here. It was only 15 dollars, not including tip, which is definitely manageable for high school and college students. The location of Samurai Hibachi can’t get any better. It is in the Foxchase mini mall right off Duke street. About a twenty minute drive from DC and very close to Old Town. No matter where you live in Alexandria, you can easily access it. Samurai is definitely the move if you have plenty of time and want some filling cuisine.

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