Film Reviews by Ben Silverman '20


Release date: OCTOBER 5, 2018

     Venom, released in 2018 and directed by Ruben Fleischer, follows the story of Eddie Brock, a reporter that was infected by a “parasite” that has the full ability to take control of his body. At first, this parasite (referred to as a Symbiote) has malicious intent - it arrived at Earth with the intent of taking over and killing off the inhabitants. However, Eddie (played by Tom Hardy) has other ideas and eventually turns his Symbiote against its own people. There are a few Symbiotes that land on Earth, Venom being only one of four that escape. The other Symbiotes are killed in experiments performed by the main antagonist of the movie, a scientist who is rather psychotic - however he is taken over by the leader of this Symbiote crew and has to fight against Eddie and Venom as they try to stop Carnage(the antagonist Symbiote) and the mad scientist. I had low expectations for this movie.Marvel movies usually lean towards the entertainment side of filmmaking, and less towards the artisan side. However, that does not mean that Marvel movies, particularly MCU movies, are bad but simply that they focus more on action and developing the viewer(s) instead of having a completely sound plot or seamless continuity. Out of all the Marvel movies that I’ve seen, only 2 have stood out from this norm: Deadpool and Venom. Deadpool is not a superhero movie, it shouldn’t even be a Marvel movie. If someone told me that Deadpool was directed by John Oliver and Eric Andre, I would believe them. Venom doesn’t focus on action, big car chases (although there is a long car chase) or the typical Marvel template. Instead it seems to be more of a Quentin Tarantino movie mixed with some Wes Anderson. Yes, it does have action and another pointless car chase scene. But a large portion of the movie focuses on the morals of what Venom and Eddie need to do. Since Venom needs food that is alive, he must kill humans in order to survive. Eddie needs to find a way to justify this with his personal moral compass, and he can’t sit there at wait around for himself to come around.

    The plot does have a few holes, but nothing drastic enough to ruin the movie. I mean, when you’re watching a movie about aliens you do have to have some suspension of disbelief. Tom Hardy does an excellent job, his style of acting compliments the nature of the film and his character was one of my favorite aspects of Venom. Continuity of the film does bring up some questions, especially when compared with the other MCU movies. For one, no date is ever mentioned or seen. So we don’t know when this is taking place. There is also no mention of The Avengers or any other superhero - so everyone is left in the dark as they wonder if Venom will become an Avenger after the events of Avengers 4 (releasing in 2019, it is anticipated to be the last of the “traditional” Avengers movies).

    Overall, Venom is a remarkable film. The script could be better, but it certainly doesn’t subtract from the plot or underlying messages/themes of the film and the cast does a great job of implementing the script into their acting. The effects are phenomenal, the VFX is some of the best that I’ve seen in a while - it almost rivals the “new” Jurassic Park movie that came out over the summer. I would highly recommend watching this film, it is an excellent movie and any Marvel fan will enjoy it.