Barrymore and Sandler’s Film Baby of Goofy Humor

Mollie Kemp 23’

50 First Dates: in no way does this movie require brain power to follow along but all 106 minutes are sure to produce at least 5-7 laughs. It is a hilarious play on a tragedy that has a stacked cast and also takes place in Hawaii, which never hurts. Drew Barrymore plays a 27 year-old sweet-hearted girl who appears to have stumbled right off the set of Mamma Mia with her perfectly wavy blonde hair. However, Barrymore’s character isn’t all fun in the sun as she has serious brain damage. Lucy was in a car accident and wakes up every day with a clean slate, only remembering her life from before the accident. Sounds tragic… but add Adam Sandler into the mix and you have a comedy that keeps on giving. Sandler plays Henry Roth, a playboy struggling with a less severe illness- commitment. Henry also happens to work at an aquatic zoo which obviously indicates that you’ll see cute sidekick animals, another plus. So when both Lucy and Henry inevitably collide in a beachy breakfast shack, Henry is immediately smitten. 


In a weird way, Lucy checks every box for Henry. He can walk away from the relationship any time he wants because she simply won’t remember him the next day. But if Henry grows attached to Lucy and overcomes his commitment issues, problems will ensue. Will he have the effort to make her fall in love with him every single day? How would the relationship ever last? 


You may ask, how can a movie with such a sad backstory meld into a comedy? Just take a look at Lucy’s brother, Doug- a 30 year old with a lisp who still lives with his father, wears mesh crop tops and takes steroids. Usually this character would seem pretty pathetic but like all aspects of 50 First Dates, the atmosphere makes Doug seem like the protective older brother with only the healthy dose of being made fun of. My only critique is that it may be too light that the watcher’s captivation will just float away as the film progresses. It doesn’t dive into the sadness of Lucy’s mental handicap and remains positive most of the film, so if you are scouring for a serious watch- this is not for you. However if your family gives you the remote and you feel the pressure of impatient watchful eyes, this movie is a fantastic default to click that is fun and easy. 


Overall, this movie is a rollercoaster of emotion that you won’t want to get off. You’ll find yourself smiling without even realizing but also dropped into the deep end of forbidden love. The power combination of Barrymore and Sandler and also other big names like Rob Schneider, Maya Ruldoph, and Kevin James make this movie a recipe for a perfect Valentine's day showing. Directed by Peter Segal, this movie has won several awards including MTV Best On-Screen Duo, People’s Choice Award for Favorite On-Screen Duo, and the Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Date. 


This rom-com premiered in 2004 which makes for some throwback fashion (excluding Adam Sandler who still got away with wearing his iconic knee-long basketball shorts in every scene). If you like movies like Grown Ups, Hitch, or Blended then this is the movie for you. Disclaimer- there is definitely some raunchy humor so if that isn’t your thing then I would steer clear. On a ranking of life-changing attention grabber (10) to background noise (1) it’s probably around a 6.5. It is rated at PG-13 and available on Netflix and Hulu.