Film Reviews by Ben Silverman '20


Release date: November 21, 2018

    The legacy of Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed may be the only thing that Millennials and Generation X has in common. The classic story of the Philly underdog, Rocky Balboa (played by Sylvester Stallone), against the greatest fighter to ever fight - Apollo Creed. This story ended after a 5 movie run, but became an instant classic. It defined the idea of a montage, as well as changed up the idea of “the underdog challenging the king”.

    Creed, released in 2015, follows the son of Apollo Creed. However, his son doesn’t bear the Creed name at first. He is not the son of Apollo and his wife, but the product of an affair that Apollo had. For most of the movie, he is known as Adonis Johnson - but towards the end is forced to take the Creed name in order to fight against “the champ”. This is essentially a remake of Rocky. The plot is close to the same, the

cinematography is just as pronounced and well done, it’s the exact same formula - and it works so well. The director knew exactly what to do, and while there are elements of the “classic love story” and other (terrible) movie cliches, the movie isn’t just entertaining but also a good example of excellent casting, camera, and script/plot writing.

    Creed II, coming out on the 21st, is expected to hit big. While the Rocky series is known for having… lesser sequels (when compared to the first), Steven Caple Jr (the director of Creed II) is expected to break this sequence. The cinematography is expected to be off the charts, with multiple single shot sequences - some of which might even come close to the legendary Snake Eyes sequence, at 13 minutes. The first Creed had a 4 minute, 14 second sequence, which followed a fight. However, Creed II is expected to have several single shot sequences that rise above 7 minutes. The framing shots and angles are expected to be superb, even better than in the first film.

    After watching the first Creed movie [yet again] last week, I highly recommend seeing the sequel. It is an amazing film, and what made the first one great can only be improved on - and I have no doubt that it will be improved on for the second film. I highly respect the actors, screenwriters and director(s) and hopefully they’ll deliver with this movie.