Q&A: Students on Stress and Happiness Levels this December

By: Mollie Kemp'23

Obviously December looks different this year for a number of reasons mostly all “gifted” from COVID. Among many things, midterms for students were canceled, traveling for Christmas is more complicated than ever, and high school winter sports aren’t competing. So how are these complications affecting the students? In a poll taken in the beginning of December, we asked students what they were most stressed about, their stress level, and also what made them the happiest.















Input answers 

  • 2 people put, “all of the above”

  • “College”

  • “not being able to chase that bag” 

  • “trump and his cult”







From a member of the class of ‘21

“Dealing with the virus, senior year, and distance learning is making me stressed out. 

I spend time with friends and family and try to take my mind off of school and the virus.”


From a member of the class of ‘22

“First, I'm stressed mostly about completing all my work and turning it in. Teachers assign so much and school is difficult when half of it is online and the other half in person. Maintaining my grades is definitely stressful because of how much (work) I have. Sadly I don't have anything to reduce stress, really I just continue to do my work because it's not optional and try and ignore the stress best I can.”


From a member of the class of ‘23

“Mainly I am stressed about schoolwork and making sure that I’m doing a good job staying on top of all the work that I need to do for all my classes. I think good ways to reduce stress could be doing something that makes you happy like making your favorite snack or doing yoga.”


From a member of the class of ‘24

“I am stressed currently because I am new, and I have made some friends, but haven't met anyone I would consider someone I can talk to about what's going on. I reduce my stress level by going for walks, listening to music, and playing with my dog.”


From a member of the class of ‘24

“I was stressed because of my school work and test and of course COVID and I wanted to make sure my family was safe while getting a good grade. I reduced that (stress) by taking breaks/going on walks and realizing that my family was more important than any school work.”

Input answers 

  • ”Many of the above: sports, friends, holidays, pets, and amazon packages arriving.”

  • ”movies and video games”

  • ”friends, pets, and christmas”

  • ”Alone Time”

  • ”video games”

  • ”nothing;)))”

  • ”absolutely nothing.”

  • ”Working out/ Lifting”


From a member of the class of ‘24

“Something that makes me happy is being able to talk to my friends whether it's on facetime or being able to hangout in person. Quarantine gets pretty lonely and boring especially because I'm already an extrovert so my friends always can cheer me up when I'm down and I know I do the same for them. Christmas gives me something to look forward to so these few weeks make me more happy, but it also really depends on what I get for work because some teachers tend to dump work right before we go.”


From a member of the class of ‘23

“Right now, what makes me happy are my pets. Over quarantine, I got a new fox red labrador, who is now around 8 months old. This is her first Christmas, so I'm enjoying watching her investigate all the new smells and sights associated with the holidays and the changing of the seasons. Going into these weeks before Christmas break, I am more stressed than excited. Based on prior knowledge, I know that the weeks heading into break are packed with lectures, homework, projects, and tests that need to be completed before starting new topics next year. Also, since lots of my classes have been behind schedule due to distance learning and shorter class periods, all of the unfinished work is most likely going to be crammed into a short period of time.”


From a member of the class of ‘22

“My family and friends are what’s making me happy right now. My sister is home from college which makes life a lot less boring. I also frequently text my friends and sometimes hang out with them social distantly. Junior year and the pandemic have made life harder than usual but having hobbies that I genuinely enjoy like singing and reading have made my life a lot happier. I’m definitely stressed but more happy. I have tests and the SAT coming up but I’m very excited for break. Not having midterms is also making the holiday season much more enjoyable. I won’t be able to see my extended family during Christmas but my cousin is quarantining for two weeks to spend the break with us and I’m very excited about seeing her! Overall, I’m stressed but in a better mood than I was earlier this year.”


From a member of the class of 21’

“School and club sports are what make me happy right now because I can socialize with my friends separate from school anxieties. I’m more stressed (going into winter break) even though we don’t have midterms. It’s more of a worry about coronavirus and how people/school is handling the situation with rising cases.”