Parking Lot Drama Llamas

by Joan Marie Walsh ‘21

If I flashback to my sophomore year, getting my license was one of the highlights. The freedom to no longer have to drive to school in the passenger seat of my mom’s SUV gave me a sense of independence and maturity. However, there was always a golden rule that seemed to stick with me all my high school years at SSSAS; there’s a senior lot, a junior strip, and St. Stephen’s Road is dedicated to the sophomores. 


As a sophomore and junior, the senior lot carried a lot of intimidation and was an absolute no-brainer to my class and previous classes that if you parked there as an underclassman, something would undoubtedly happen to your car. Whether that was an aggressive note, being double-parked in, or even as far as removing your tires or getting keyed. 


When word got around that non-seniors weren’t respecting the senior’s wishes, Mr. Garikes shared a story with our class. When he was the Director of the Upper School, he dealt with two instances where someone removed Junior’s license plates and another where someone removed Junior’s tires. Although Mr. Garikes does not condone these actions, he explained that it is “a respect thing,” and he encourages the Juniors “to wait their turn because next year they’ll expect the same privilege.”


Additionally, Ms. McGuire shared her thoughts on the Senior Lot, saying, “My vision for seniors is they are leaders of the school and set the tone in a positive way. That said, and in exchange for that leadership, having certain traditions that are harmless yet speak to a senior’s “seniority,“ a part of the fabric of a school that embraces both community and tradition.”


Our school is built on tradition, and this is one that the seniors cherish. Collectively, the senior class has grown increasingly frustrated with non-Seniors parking in the senior lot. SSSAS school presidents Barrett Lathrop, and Olivia Duvall, have had to send two emails regarding this issue, making it clear that the “senior lot = no juniors, strip = no sophomores.” Olivia shared that “the seniors have had a lot taken from them this year, and the Senior lot is one thing that can remain a tradition.” Barrett expanded on this thought, saying, “As seniors, we’ve lost so many privileges due to covid, and the senior lot is one of the few that we’ve been able to keep.”


Ms. McGuire has introduced a solution where each of us gets our own “Senior Parking Pass” with our name on it, in hopes of being an effective way of detecting who is allowed to park in the Senior Lot. 


On behalf of the Senior class, we ask the Juniors to wait their turn, your time will come, and we can assure you that you’ll expect the same courtesy from lowerclassmen next year. We hope that this is something people can honor for the last three weeks seniors have on campus.