Kimchi House Restaurant Review

Spencer Ferry ‘23

Deciding where to go to dinner is never an easy decision. Especially in a chaotic family of five that has very few free nights to have a family dinner. Never being able to agree on a place to get dinner was definitely one of my family’s flaws. This was until my father discovered a hidden gem. While driving down Route-1 you may notice a small white and red house-like building named the Kimchi House. The restaurant is open Tuesday-Sunday from 10:30 am- 9:00 pm. There is very rarely ever a wait here. Despite the appearance of the building, once you walk inside you are welcomed with open arms and pure happiness. 


Inside the restaurant are three Korean sisters. One cooks, one cleans, and the other one is a waitress. They inherited the Kimchi House from their father and continue to work hard every day to keep his dream alive. They are the sweetest little ladies, and you feel as if you are sitting in your own dining room when eating here. The restaurant is decorated with all different types of flowers and the walls are covered in brightly colored paintings. Everything is very traditional and the furniture is all wooden. It is easy to clean up, which is helpful when you have two younger brothers who have a hard time getting all the food in their mouths. You can wear whatever you have on, which for my family has been a blessing after coming from sports or any other activities we have going on. Although there is only one waitress, the service is very good. She is efficient and brings your food out extremely fast.


The food served in the Kimchi house is authentic Korean food. Some of my family’s favorite dishes are the fried dumplings and the beef bulgogi. The dumplings are stuffed with an assortment of vegetables and are cooked to perfection. When served they are a warm golden brown. They taste really good with a side of soy sauce, which is brought out with them. When biting into the outer layer of gooey dough you immediately fall in love with these dumplings. Another delicious platter from the Kimchi House is the beef bulgogi. Bulgogi is a traditional Korean dish made up of thinly sliced pieces of marinated beef that have been grilled. This dish comes out hot on a skillet and is served with a warm bowl of white rice. The beef is both savory and sweet. Although these are my two favorite dishes, anything you order here will be delicious. 


At the end of the meal when you receive your check, they bring out cold mini bottles of Korean milk. It’s banana flavored and comes in a little plastic bottle. This sweet drink has the same consistency as regular milk. It is the perfect light dessert to finish off your meal. My family and I look forward to the cool taste of the milk every time we go to the Kimchi House. Although for some this may seem weird to drink milk with a savory meal, I can confidently say it is worth it. 


Although at first glance the Kimchi House does not look like a place for a family to eat, once you go inside you will also fall in love with this little treasure. My family has grown to love this restaurant. We go here for every birthday dinner or family celebration. Over the years we have brought countless family friends to eat here and they cannot get enough of it now. We’ve become so close with the ladies that work there as well. On my brother’s sixth birthday they took a picture with him, and now that picture is hanging on the wall. They truly treat every customer as their family and care so much about every one of them. Throughout the pandemic, we try to order from the Kimchi House as much as possible for it is really important for us to support

small businesses. Although we have not eaten inside the restaurant since Coronavirus, they do still offer it. I highly recommend this restaurant and I hope you are able to see why it means so much to me.