A Sigh of Relief - The Derek Chauvin Verdict

by TJ Moss ‘21

Derek Chavin's trial will undoubtedly go down in history as the case that changed the narrative on verdicts on police brutality. When hearing the verdict heard out loud, millions of Americans including myself, felt a sigh of relief, knowing that justice has finally been served. 


Throughout the year, I've tried to be very neutral on politics so that everyone feels comfortable speaking out about what they say. I feel now is the time where I share my opinion on the subject matter. 


Although, I am extremely elated about the big steps that the judicial system took to make this win happen, what are we going to do to ensure that verdicts like these are consistent? The system has a disgusting track record of letting the killers loose or given a light punishment. Killing lives, especially lives that are underrepresented, should not be taken "lightly". Questions arise of why aren't Breonna Taylor's killers guilty or even what about the lives that aren't even mentioned on the news sites, why isn't justice being served for them? 


I feel like the problem is there is so much police brutality going on that most of us can't even keep up or even remember the details of previous incidents. It's something new every week and most of the time, it's unexpected and unwarranted. 


At SSSAS, I hope that students take time to debrief from school, sports, and social media. This year has taken a huge toll on everyone and it is extremely exhausting. I hope that teachers are realizing the impacts of police brutality on students but specifically black students. I wish teachers would be a little more empathic when it comes to these topics. 

The baggage and weight that these topics carry take time and healing in order to fully understand what we are facing, and most students are still in their beginning stages. As I look ahead into college, my hope is that students will students across the country will start to see the struggles, microaggressions, and racism that persists in the country.