Brady Enshrined as The Goat in Football While The Chiefs Finally Have a Weak Point 

Barret Lathrop'21

You could call the Super Bowl boring, overhyped, or uneventful, but if there’s one thing that we can take away from the game it’s that Tom Brady may never be topped in terms of greatness in NFL history. 


At age 43, Brady found a way to beat an arguably 16-0 regular season team if it weren’t for a few mistakes against the Raiders and if Mahomes started week 17. Brady’s conservative game kept the Buccaneers from ever having to worry about Mahomes as the Bucs were able to put up 31 points on the 11th ranked defense in the NFL. 


Brady never once looked like he was in trouble as his top 5 o-line was able to keep from ever having to worry about pressure during the game. The combined one-two punch of Ronald Jones and Leonard Fournette was also impossible to stop during the game as the two combined for 150 yards on a very solid 5.4 YAC. It only took three quarters for Brady to put this thing away as his top 10 defense was able to hold Mahomes and Tyreek Hill in check throughout the game.


Another aspect of the game that stood out in almost every viewer’s mind was that it seemed like Mahomes was in danger of being sacked on almost every possession. He was pressured 29 times which caused Mahomes to run for almost 500 yards in every direction but across the line of scrimmage (he had only had 33 rushing yards!). The clear weakness of the Chiefs was their lack of protection for their quarterback as this was somewhat uncharacteristic of an 11th ranked o-line. But, the clear leader of the line, Mitchell Swartz, has been injured since week 6 as his presence at the o-line could have certainly helped Mahomes. 


Another interesting stat to look at is the third-down conversion percentage during the game as the Chiefs only converted 23 percent of their third down plays. Well below the league average this year of 41 percent and even farther below the Chief’s regular-season percentage of 48. But, not all the blame can be put on the o-line as Mahomes was still able to make fantastic plays during the game which sadly led to dropped passes by his receivers. 


Another weakness portrayed in the game is the lack of receiver depth behind Tyreek Hill. Yes, Travis Kelce is by far the best TE in the league right now as he shined in the Super Bowl catching 10 of 15 targets for 133 yards, but who else can be a deep ball threat for the Chiefs (Kelces largest gain of the night was only 33 yards)? Sammy Watkins has proven time and time again that his health is his main issue as his speed is not what it used to be when he played for Buffalo. And the speedy wideout combo of Mecole Hardman and Demarcus Robinson is not necessarily what the Chiefs need as they need a strong route-runner in the slot or outside that will take the focus off of Hill. 


To give you some perspective, Mecole Hardman had the same amount of drops as Tyreek Hill (6) on only 62 targets, which is less than half of Tyreeks hill targets (134). Now Demarcus Robinson had only 4 drops, but he had only 59 targets proving his inefficiency along with Hardmans as a receiver. In the Super Bowl, there were three dropped passes by The Chiefs as one of them would have been a TD that could have swung the game in favor of the Chiefs (it was also maybe the greatest incompletion in NFL history). 


The Chiefs clearly need a one-two punch at receiver that can allow Tyreek Hill to work freely without having all the focus shined upon him when he runs 10 yards off the line of scrimmage. I’m not going to dive into who they should draft, trade for, or sign during the offseason, but I believe another receiver is needed to put these Chiefs above every team in the league (maybe OBJ or Allen Robinson?). 


Nevertheless, the Chiefs will be back in the playoffs next year fighting for another Super Bowl appearance barring any significant injuries. For Tampa Bay, they really should make no off-season moves and just try to work on chemistry within the offense and defense. Every key player on the team is signed for a multi-year contract other than Antonio Brown who’ll most likely be resigning in Tampa Bay after finding a successful home in Tampa. Next year will sure be interesting to see play out as we very well could be seeing a rematch of both these teams in next year’s Super Bowl.