Date Lab! May 2020

by Ryan Vuono '20

The world changes, and Date Lab changes with it. Since The Voice was unable to send out a couple to go on an in-person date, we sent two seniors on a Zoom date. We wanted to learn about how dating has changed with stay-at-home restrictions, and how easy it is to connect through a webcam. Here’s what we found.


Atticus Beane / Liliana Dowling


Q: What did you talk about?

A: My sugar daddy! I was getting a bunch of DMs at the time [Editor’s Note: the sugar daddy turned out to be a scammer]. She also brought Kathryn on the call. We were just talking and catching up, then Kathryn FaceTimed her. We were on zoom, so she answered FaceTime and then brought her on the zoom.

L: His sugar daddy! Can I say that? We talked about his sugar daddy and, like, life in general. I can’t really remember that much just cause it’s Atticus! It’s just natural. 


Q: What were some similarities and differences between you two?

A: I think we both think we’re funny... not that we’re both funny but we both think we’re funny! We’re both brown... we both got dumpies.

L: Similarities... (laughs) Differences: His humor is dark... ok no scratch. He has like a darker sense of humor and is outwardly more, like, sarcastic than I am. I’m more of like a bubbly person. Similarities: we both enjoy his basement, we’re both chatty... (pauses) it’s harder to think when they’re your friend! 


Q: What were you expecting?

A: I dunno, pretty much how it went I’d say. I didn’t think it was gonna be awkward, but I did expect a visit from Kathryn, I’m not gonna lie.

L: I was expecting a little sassy back and forth BUT! He was surprisingly nice, I think because we haven’t talked in a while. We were really just vibing, it was really nice. 


Q: Did anything surprise you about the other person?

A: Nah, not really.

L: No... at this point I’ve known him for a long time so I’m not really surprised anymore. 


Q: Were there any things you liked about the date? Didn’t like?

A: I liked the fact that Kathryn came on but I also disliked that fact. I disliked the fact that she needed to bring her on, but once she came on, it was better cause then me and Kathryn just talked. 

L: I liked the whole date. There wasn’t really anything I didn’t like. Actually we just did it after dinner cause we both had family dinners, and I wish we could’ve been in person and actually gone and eaten food. I feel like then I would’ve gotten a better sense of “would I be able to date this person.” I feel like manners is important to me, like if you chew with your mouth open? Big no-no.


Q: Any funny moments on the date?

A: I spilled a drink on myself...

L: Yes. Multiple times when we were going back and forth with the sugar daddy, that was like a bonding experience for us, talking about what he should respond with, and there were times where we were just crying laughing so hard.


Q: Did you guys eat while on the date?

A: Nah, we were just both in our beds boolin it. 

L: I think I had chocolate chips? He wasn’t eating. His mom did come in and say hi which I always enjoy. 


Q: Any tips on ZOOM dating etiquette?

A: Don’t bring friends... or ya know if it’s going really poorly do bring friends! Don’t record the date. Don’t show her any of your puppets [cody ko reference]

L: It’s honestly better when you’re not as stiff, like right now I’m just here in my bed and it just feels so much more natural than like, if I were sitting at a table or desk. That makes it feel way more like school or a meeting. It’s almost better to be in a situation where you’re lounging, it’s a lot more calming.


Q: Do you think video dates are a good way to date people in the future, and what are some of the pros and cons?

A: I think that if we’re gonna be stuck in quarantine then ya know you gotta do it somehow, if you have a choice, don’t do video calls cause the dead air and it's a lot harder to gauge body language and stuff.

L: I think no! It’s fine when it’s necessary, but there’s really something special like being in the presence of another person. Zoom doesn’t feel as human, and if you’re actually trying to connect with someone in person is so much better. This is gonna sound really weird but I haven’t seen anyone’s legs in months! I can’t tell how tall people are. 


Q: What do you look for in a partner?

A: A Y chromosome.

L: Uhhh.... I look for humor, you have to be able to make me laugh, and you can’t be completely stupid. I don’t care what you look like. Male, in general, though. I was talking to my roommate and she said she had a thing for dark-haired guys, and I was like... don’t care!


Q: Any last words on this experience?

A: It was a fun time, I’d say.

L: TBH rate ten out of ten would do it again


Q: What rate would you give the date overall, 1-5?

A: As a date or as an experience? So, as a date, I’d say 2 out of 5, and as an experience, 4 out of 5, cause it was a wholesome night. 

L: A 5! If he didn’t give me a 5 I will literally kill him.