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Happy Holidays from The Voice staff! In this December 2020 issue we include a variety of articles and topics. Some are holiday related, others are about sports, trends, and the pandemic. Thanks for reading!


by Amanda Edge'22 and Catherine Onorato'22

by Chumani Chamberlain'21

by Katie Patrick'21

by Lily Bertles'22

by Julian Mosley'21

by Lucy Palma'23 and Katie Patrick'21

by Mira Henry'24

by Nico Corica'21

by Clay Waller'21 

by Mollie Kemp'23


by Sloane O'Conner'22 and Dante Ornelas'24

by Jeremy Young'24

by Adair Edwards'22


by Lily Bertles'22 and Luke Rapallo'24

by Caroline Ross'22

by Amanda Edge'22 and Catherine Onorato'22


What is SCORE?: The Student Committee on Racial Equity is a student run committee that serves as a bridge between the faculty and student body in advancing our school’s efforts towards racial equity. SCORE is a committee whose mission is to better educate our school community on issues concerning race, as well as to be a part of the solution. 

What has SCORE been up to?:

  • Planning to survey the student body on how effective the school’s efforts this year have been towards racial equity

  • Helping lead DEIB modules and construct activities for them

  • Potentially working with the faculty’s board for examining the curriculum 

  • Pushing for the hiring of more POC faculty- specifically in history and english fields 

  • A recent forum for Brandon Bernard's execution

-Lily Bertles'22 and Amanda Edge'22