A Farewell From Senior Editor
Lily Bertles '22

Today, May 16th, is the last day of classes for seniors, and since AP exams are through, my only class today is Journalism. Is there any better time to look back on my time as the editor than now, my final 70 minutes in the design lab turned newsroom? 

Being Senior Editor has certainly been a challenge made easier by the dedicated Voice Staff. The Voice would not exist without my classmates who have worked tirelessly to write and produce news specifically for the students by students. I have been so inspired watching my peers grow as writers and journalists. Collaborating with them has been my favorite part of being on The Voice staff.

One of my biggest takeaways from being on The Voice staff for the past 3 school years, is the importance of perspective and truth. An article is not complete without examining all angles and perspectives of a story through interviews and research. It’s a reporter’s duty to report the full truth regardless of their own opinions and biases, which, for an opinionated person like me, can be challenging at times, but without truth and different perspectives there would be no news to report.

Finally, a special thanks to Ms. McElroy, who teaches the Journalism class and oversees everything we do. None of this would be possible without her dedication and guidance. Also thank you to everyone in the Saints community who reads our publication and who supports us by giving us feedback, helping us with articles through sharing your experiences, and for allowing us students to have a platform to report on. I look forward to seeing what The Voice produces in the years to come. Happy Summer!