Fall Fashion: Students Guide to Style this Season

Anjani Waters ‘23 and Anne Belevetz ‘23

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As the weather gets cooler and summer comes to an end, a renewed wardrobe is a fall must. Fall Fashion means hoodies, flannels, jeans, jackets, sweaters, and a cozy fun look. With so many styles circulating around in the past year, deciding what to wear and what style fits your look can be tricky. So we interviewed eight students, all with different styles, to get a sense of what some Saints will be wearing this fall. 


Before the interviews, we conducted our own research, extracting information from Vogue, Pinterest, TikTok, and other websites about what fall fashion trends will look like this year. Some are ageless fall trends including wide-legged jeans, sweaters, and boots, but others are more unique to this fall. Those include leather pants, brighter colors, chunky rings, geometric prints, and monochrome outfits. However, fellow students had many more ideas for fall fashion this year. 


We asked two students from each grade, one boy and one girl, the same set of questions and got quite the array of answers. According to the female students we spoke to (Bennett Harrison ‘25, Abby Musser ‘24, Julianne Karol ‘23, and Zoe Wallach ‘22), the biggest fall trends are going to be: leather pants, short boots, flared-knit pants, cropped turtleneck sweaters, Chelsea boots, thrifted sweaters, colored leggings, 2010s and 90s looks, and of course sweaters and jeans. According to the male students (Ben Fenton ‘25, Bryce Gunn ‘24, Charlie Purser ‘23, and William Adams ‘22), the biggest fall trends will be: fleeces, Patagonia’s, thrifted sweaters, flannels, Doc Martens, and Vans. 


When asked what they wear everyday, Julianne ‘23 answered she likes to wear something different every day and she said she usually wears, “Some sort of jean or like...something different everyday...some sort of flared pant with a bodysuit and a jacket.” The boys answered: khakis, carpenter pants, thrifted jeans, graphic t-shirts, Vans, Nike Dunk Highs, Hawaiian shirts, Gore-Tex jackets, fleece vest, 7-inch shorts and t-shirt, and a polo shirt and khaki shorts. 


With this wide array of students, we got their opinions on what trends they like and which have got to go. The students favorite trends at the moment are corsets, dresses with sneakers, blazers, leather pants, Jordans, flannels, a retro 70s look, flared denim, some Y2K outfits, workwear, big pants trend, colored leggings, flowy and fitted skirt, layering, and lots of accessories. 


All of the students who we interviewed generally said that they get their fashion inspiration from celebrities, friends, and family. More specifically, Hailey Bieber, Emma McDonald, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, or Kelly Oubre. More generally speaking, the students said they get inspiration from different street styles of celebrities, social media, their peers, their family, or upperclassmen. Honorable mention to Will Gillette ‘22, who several boys said they get their style from. 


Looking for places to buy clothes for a fashionable fall wardrobe? Look no further. These Saints had a wide variety of clothing stores they shop at including Revolve, Aristia, Intermix, NBD, Lover and Friends, Grailer, Nike, Adias, thrift stores, Vans, American Eagle, Holister, Urban Outfitters, Altar’d State, South Moon Under, Princess Polly, Zara, Stock X, Fanatics, and Pacsun. William Adams ‘22 suggested buying jeans from thrift stores because they are “better for the environment and pre worn jeans are nice.” He said there's nothing better than a pre-worn pair of jeans. 


Although these students were very enthusiastic about fall fashion, there were some trends which they are not looking forward to. Abby Musser ‘24 says she “enjoys all fall trends because there is a variety of options” but her classmates more specifically said some of their least favorite fall fashion trends are cowboy boots, biker shorts, sperrys, and, most unpopular of all, skinny jeans. But of course skinny jeans and cowboys boots are timeless classics, so no worries if they are still a go to look for you. No matter your style, there are fun fall looks for everyone. 

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