Fashion: The Changes of the Decade

Chumani Chamberlain

Fashion: The Changes of the Decade

Oh the world of Fashion! A wide universe surrounded by ideas and filled with endless possibilities. In the 2010s, various fashion trends took the world by storm, while other trends had a solid 15 minutes of fame before being labeled as “outdated” or in Gen Z terms, “cringy.” Plus, with online shopping coming at a higher demand, consumers had the opportunity to recieve the latest fashion trends right at their fingertips. Before we see how fashion trends captivated our fellow Saints, let's take a walk down memory lane to some of the most memorable fashion trends of the 2010s.



Arguably the shortest trend of the decade, however, the “feathers-in-your-hair” trend influenced many members of the younger generation. But, the trend quickly took a turn to become old news when consumers realized that the extensions were made out of “rooster-butt feathers,” according to an article from Glamour in 2011. 


Patterned Leggings

Lets face it, leggings OWNED the 2010s, however, a by-product of leggings became patterned leggings. Space, lasers, pizza, cats, unicorns, and anything else your imagination can think of, patterned leggings gave people the opportunity to show off their creative side, while being comfortable and trendy at the same time. Patterned leggings introduced the trend of athleisure, where consumers used gym clothes outside of the gym and were worn during consumers daily lives. 



Coming back strong between 2015-2016, chokers made a comback from the ‘80s and early ‘90s while being visible on and off the red carpet. Some chose bulky desgins or delicate chains, while others stacked a variety of chokers together for an extra edgy effect.


Man Buns

Making their debut in the 2010s, man buns will forever be referred to as the mullet of the 2010s. Further, man buns took the internet by storm, from “Man Buns of Disneyland”, Clip-in man buns, and the creation of National Man Bun Day (which is June 11th btw); Man Buns will forever be a trend that had plenty of highs and lows. 


Crocs with socks

A pure STATEMENT, enough said. 

Now that we’ve covered the top 2010 fashion trends around the world, the question still lingers. What do some of your fellow stylish Saints think about the fashion trends in the 2010s?

Junior Lena Weiman stated fashion has “evolved a lot in the past decade, and in some ways it has stayed the same. If you look at pictures from 2010 there are definitely some outfits that you would never see today, but I think that fashion trends are cyclical, so some things are kind of coming back into style.” 

Other faculty members also expressed how previous trends and styles have resurfaced in 2010s fashion. Math teacher Ms. LaFever explained how fashion over the decade has changed by seeing how things she “wore in 2010 that are kinda coming back like scrunchies and chokers and ripped jeans. What we thought was ugly in 2015 has kinda come back.” 

Administrative assistant to the Director of the Upper School, Mrs. Hassel concured with previous responses stating that fashion has “seen a return of Boho-chic and ‘70s styles, which I think is going to keep on coming into the ‘20s. Flare and super flare jeans received a second chance along with the classic crop top. Skinny and high-waisted jeans continue to prevail, and bring on the mom jean!” She also expressed how “hoop earrings, headbands, and barrettes are other accessories that we will continue to see including Vans, Adidas, Dr. Martens, and Tretorns” that “are other examples of either new or returning fashion pieces.”

Hassel continued by stating “probably the biggest contender over the last decade has been the introduction of athleisure, with Lululemon and Athleta at the helm. I do think athleisure is more than a passing trend. The combo of comfort and fashion found in the revamping of leggings, joggers, hoodies, and vintage tees are likely here to stay.”  

When asked if there was a specific fashion trend over the decade that sparked their eye, English teacher Dr. Sidle stated how he likes “the throwback to 80s punk, so leather jackets that are kinda like biker jackets or the Chuck Taylor All-Stars. and I think that will always be a good look.” 

While History teacher Ms. Hardwick expressed her love for “the cardigan coming back in style.” In a personal story, Ms. Hardwick stated how in her high school she had a dress code and always had to wear a cardigan if she was wearing pants, she stated how she “absolutely hated cardigans.” She continued by stating, “but I own a whole bunch of them and I think they are a great thing to throw on and they are profesional but they are still comfortable so I love that they are in fashion.”

Lena Weiman stated how she is “always taking inspiration from styles now and from the past. I think right now what is most interesting to me is repurposed or homemade clothing and accessories. The more outrageous the better. I think it's really cool to be able to make anything fit your style with a little DIY.” 

Further, Mrs. Hassel stated that she is “a boho girl at heart, but I do love a French girl influence, statement accessories that stand the test of time, and classic, tailored clothing.”

When asked if there was a fashion trend they found “cringe-worthy” Dr. Sidle stated how he likes “when clothes are practial and are attractive, so when I see clothes that are so small and tight that you can't do anything in them, I just think, what if you have to run?” 

Lena Weiman also stated how she was not fond of “low rise jeans”. She feels, “like they are not super popular right now, but I don't think they need to come back in style any time soon.” 

Ms. Hardwick also expressed how chokers “are hard for anyone to pull off” and she finds chokers “not to be the best look” for some people.

Within their own fashion sense Ms. Hardwick stated how she is “working on being trendier” and she is working on following through with a trend when it becomes in style and not “right when it goes out of style.”

For Lena Weiman she stated how her style “has completely changed over the past decade. I mean ten years ago I don't even know what I was wearing, but even looking back a few years to like middle school, I dressed so differently than I do now. I think it's cool that our styles are always evolving, and I can't wait to look at current pictures of me in ten years and judge my outfits.” 

For Ms. LaFever, she feels as if she “has gotten better in terms of my fashion sense, I care about my clothes more now and I follow fashion trends more frequently.” 

When asked if they had a current fashion trend Dr. Sidle stated how he likes how “sub-cultures” are being represented in fashion and he enjoys “combing severval different eras” to create a unique fashion of his own. 

Further, Ms. LaFever stated how her current fashion trend is “espadrilles sandals.” 

Mrs. Hassel stated how “I’m seeing a lot of fun florals and beige jeans, which I love. For me, the inspiration of fashion lies in seeing what’s new and how people use their creativity to build their style.” 

For Lena Weiman, she thinks that pattern clashing has gotten really popular, and I like that people can have fun mixing things that would normally "clash." I also really love platform shoes because being a little bit taller has never been a bad thing.”

Finally, in her hope for fashion of the 20s Mrs. Hassel “would love for 2020 to leave its legacy as the decade that made room for people of all identities to consistently grace the covers of our mainstream fashion magazines.”