February 2020 ISSUE

In this issue of The Voice, we're taking a look back at the past decade! From fashion trends to school spirit to music, join us for a bit of 2010s nostalgia. Also featured, in the spirit of Valentine's Day: the return of Date Lab!

Sports Decade In Review: District Of Champions

Harrison Brown '20

Washington sports has had one hell of a decade as it saw the NHL’s Capitals win the Presidents’ Trophy as the league’s best regular-season team three times...

Date Lab

Ryan Vuono '20

This month: Andre Screen & Maria Simpson,

Maria Simspson & Andre Screen, and

Ashlyn Lee & Jamal Barnes!

Coronavirus and Global Responses to Health

Laetitia Haddad '20

At first, you might not notice it. Perhaps, you’re slogged with schoolwork, or spending hours at practice, or just going through the motions of this bleak, dark winter...

Fashion: The Changes of the Decade

Chumani Chamberlain '20

Oh the world of Fashion! A wide universe surrounded by ideas and filled with endless possibilities. In the 2010s, various fashion trends took the world by storm, while other trends had a solid 15 minutes of fame...

2010s Playlist

Lacey Bartholomay '20, Hadley Boston '21

“Tick-tock on the clock, but the party don't stop, no.” Everybody has songs that bring
them back to the past, and growing up in the 2010s...

Voter Turnout in the Past Decade

Tori Carr '20

On November 4, 2008, Barack Obama became the first African-American president-elect
of the United States of America...

Many Administrators: One Mission

Halle Knutson '20

Every year St. Stephens and St. Agnes School welcomes new faculty and students alike to the community. Our administration is a core part...

The Decade of Social Media

Katie Patrick '21

Social media has undoubtedly taken over our world. All of the scrolling, swiping and tapping has brought us...

A Growing Concern for the Environment

Lily Bertles '22

“Save the turtles,” say “VSCO girls” as they pull out their reusable straws. Though the VSCO girl meme was very popular in 2019, it reflects a serious concern for the environment...

How Apple Changed the Game

Tim Keefe '20 and Ben Silverman '20

In the world of technology, the company Apple brings one thing to mind: technology. More specifically, a big selling piece is the iPhone...

A Decade of Bankruptcy, Online Shopping, and Corporate Perishment

Lauren Irish '23

The decade has ended, and nostalgia is at the top of our social media pages and the YouTube trending page. The warm, yet sorrowful feeling of what once was is brought to life with throwback...

Going for the Gold

Delaney Moore '20

It's the time of year where tons of celebrities are going for the gold, and no I don’t mean the Olympics. That’s right it's Oscar season in America, and all your favorite actors and actresses...

Op-Ed: Bring Morning Meeting Back!

Emma Bartholomay '20

Community is a core value at St. Stephens and St. Agnes School. It’s on display at the opening night for the Musical, the Sleepy Thompson Basketball Tournament, and...