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Race & Inclusivity

September/October 2020 Issue

In the first edition of The Voice for the 2020-2021 school year, we delve into topics of race, prejudice, inclusivity, and discrimination. With the recent re-emergence of the Black Lives Matter Movement, we decided to dedicate an issue entirely to the subject of racial inclusivity. We include a variety of interviews and perspectives to discuss topics around race and inclusivity. Scroll down for movie reviews, opinion pieces, and articles pertaining to these topics and our school community.  

by Chumani Chamberlain' 21

by Caroline Ross' 22, Katie Patrick' 21, Sloane O’Connor' 22, and Dante Ornelas' 24

by Lucy Palma' 23 and Mollie Kemp' 23

by Julian Mosley' 21, Nico Corica' 21, and Jeremy Young' 24

by Lily Bertles' 22

by Amanda Edge' 22 and Catherine Onorato' 22

by Amanda Edge' 22, Lily Bertles'22, Catherine Onorato' 22, Lucy Palma' 23, and Mira Henry' 24

Movie Reviews:

by  Clay Waller ' 21, Adair Edwards' 22, Caroline Ross' 22, and Mira Henry' 24, Luke Rapallo' 24

All five of this issue’s movie reviews focus on black representation and themes in film. The importance of diversity in film is absolutely paramount. Until very recently in the United States, there was little to no representation of minorities in film. When there were people of color or people belonging to other marginalized groups in films, they were usually stereotyped, demonized, otherized, or played a very minor role. In recent years however, this has been changing, with  more and more viewpoints being shared and explored. We are no longer only hearing one side of the story. This issue of The Voice strives to focus on a few films with good representation of social and economic minorities and good stories.- Luke Rapallo'24