Iran Fires Missiles at Syria

October 2018

     According to the BBC, on Monday morning, October 1st at 2 am Iranian time, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards of Iran fired ballistic missiles at eastern Syria claiming they were targeting the attackers of the military parade in Ahvaz, a region in Iran with a large ethnically Arab minority.

     Earlier in September, during a military parade in Ahvaz, a group of men dressed as soldiers fired into real soldiers and watching crowds, killing 22 people, according to the BBC. Both ISIS and local Iranian Arab separatists claimed responsibility for the attack, but both provided details of the attack that were proven untrue.

    The Washington Post claims that the missiles were launched from an unspecified area in western Iran into paramilitary groups in the Hajin area in Syria about 570 km away. The missiles killed and injured some militants, but no further elaboration was given by Iranian military officials. Tactical drones followed up on the missile attack and targeted ISIS positions.

Six missiles were fired into Syria, and one of them, shown in an online video, bearing the message “death to America, death to Israel, and death to Al Saud,” with Al Saud referring to Saudi Arabia, according the the Independent.

   According to the Washington Post, the firing of the missiles appeared to be more of a show of strength to its enemies, both regionally and internationally, than to actually retaliate against the attackers the of the parade.