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It's the first issue of The Voice in the new decade! This time, we cover Latin American elections, Tik Tok controversies, protest culture, and more! 

Bolivia's 2020 Vision is Unclear

Wendy Buendia '20

As we here in America are coming close to the end of a presidential term, the citizens of

The Rise of TikTok

Delaney Moore'20 and Tori Carr'20

“Go Demarcus, Go Demarcus.” Most TikTok users are all too familiar with this catchy

Unwelcome Attention Toward Girls

Chumani Chamberlain '21 and Nicole Kiama '23

It’s 8:15pm and you’re walking back to your car after shopping at your neighborhood grocery store...

Social Media: The Modern Architect of Effective Activism

Laetitia Haddad '20

To many, social media and Generation Z are nearly synonymous...

New Year, What’s New?

Joan Marie Walsh '21, Hadley Boston '21 and Katie Patrick '21

Jumping into the new decade brings about many new aspects to ourselves, school and
the community around us...

Ubergood or Uberbad? (Podcast)

Tim Keefe '20 and CJ Sheperdson '20

Ubergood or UberBad - Tim Keefe and CJ Sheperdson
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What Offseason? (Podcast)

Harrison Brown '20

What Offseason? - Harrison Brown
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Fun Committee (Podcast)

Bridget Hanley '20 and Kate Coward '20

Fun Committee - Bridget Hanley and Kate Coward
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