New Year, What's New?

Joan Marie Walsh, Hadley Boston, and Katie Patrick

New Year, What’s New?

Jumping into the new decade brings about many new aspects to ourselves, school and the community around us. This list incorporates new ideas, goals, and contributions to the school:


New Years Resolution:

Do you have a New Years Resolution? It seems to be a very controversial topic around the school. In an interview with Ms. McGuire her New Year's resolution was a bit different. Every morning she wakes up to a reminder on her phone at 9 a.m. that reminds her to say hello and how are you to the people around her. Ms. McGuire looks at this as a way to be nicer to those around her and to just really spread kindness. Others talked about not buying things that aren’t necessary, to work out more and stop being self-deprecating. However, many people we spoke to didn’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. Their reasoning was along the lines of how resolutions are so glorified today in society, but many don’t even really follow them. Research from Business Insider found that while 45 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, only 8 percent actually succeed in these deeds or changes. Rather than waiting to begin working out or being kind, why not start immediately? At the end of the day, though, these goals can essentially better our lives in 2020 New Year. So what do you think? Will you stick to your resolution this year or will it be a pipe dream?



And with the start of the New Year, some of the community has adopted new fashion and shopping techniques that starting trending in 2019. After the long winter break, students arrive back at school excited to wear the new presents that they received on Christmas. One shoe brand that has become popular amongst the girls is the Golden Goose Brand. The boys also have been seen wearing their own brand of designer sneakers, Vejas. 


However, one trend that has persisted throughout the years before and now 2020, is Lululemon leggings. These leggings are a more comfortable option for girls that complies with the dress code. Many of the boys have also tended to lean more towards athleisure by wearing sweatshirts and flannels. 



This doesn’t cover half the school’s preference on clothing, many other brands are still widely discussed. Many girls continue to shop at Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Lululemon. However, with the help of social media, it has shown us that there are more affordable options, like shopping at Target or online on Amazon. Many girls have even taken up shopping at thrift stores to “thrift” their clothing. It is a great option for unique statement pieces that can be as cheap as under a dollar.  


Additionally, thanks to Mrs. McGuire, our community is full of school spirit because of the new fun committee. The fun committee was made to create activities and competitions between grades as a way to bring more spirit to our school. The committee picked colors to represent each class, the seniors are black, juniors white, sophomores green, and freshmen red. Each class wears these colors to represent their grade. The first competition was the musical chairs in which three or four students from each grade participated in. The game was full of each grade cheering loudly for their classmates as Holden and Emmy, a junior and sophomore, battled to the end with Holden taking the glory. So far, the fun committee as not just brought more class spirit but has brought teamwork within each class that will hopefully grow classes closer together. The presidents of the ping pong club, Nico Garcia, Andrew Seale, and Christopher Yu created some serious competition in the CPAC during lunch! The students set up a bracket with teachers, advanced students and not so advanced students to play ping pong to make their way up the bracket, showing off their skills and working on their skills. As the competitions are currently still going on, stay tuned to when it gets down to the final two, which they will face each other during a community time for everyone to watch. As our school is very competitive in academics and sports, these mini-competitions are just for fun and a positive way for the community to be brought together.