Salad with Baguette

Health & Wellness Fix

Chumani Chamberlain

Start small, and then try to keep it very consistent and then keep adding days and keep adding different kinds of workouts so you   get bored and you have something to look forward too!

Olivia Heck

So if you get a feeling you're not working out enough, just take it one step at a time, set goals for yourself with one to two workouts a week then work your way up! Because a little really does go a long way!

Chumani Chamberlain

Health & Wellness Fix - Chumani Chamberlain '19 (May 2019)
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College Campus

The College Process: Endgame


I took the SAT three times and did worse each consecutive try, so that was great. And then I took the ACT once and I didn’t like it very much.

Thomas Van Buren

I believe in the mantra that college is what you make of it. One piece of advice would be to keep an open mind.

Dr. Carter

The College Process: Endgame - Andrew Kiama '19 (April 2019)
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Pencil and notepad

The Mind of a Learning Disability


People sometimes make jokes to me or something about ... what's the point of standardized testing with extra time

Grace Unes

You can have a student who is remarkably intelligent...and yet has some mis-wiring that causes the learning disability...so that student isn't incapable of doing the work, they just need to do it slightly differently

Ms. Sellon

The Mind of a Learning Disability - Claire Cavanaugh
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Bucket & Spade

Service Learning at SSSAS


I just want more of our students to go on service trips. I think there's something about having an immersive experience like that, that really affects people deeply

Ms. Via

It's my first time out of the country, so to go to Kenya on my first time out of the country was definitely shocking culturally. It'll always be special to me because of that and also because it was such a unique opportunity

Chase Cohen

Service Learning at SSSAS - Sarah Nguyen
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Clothes Hangers

The Fast Fashion Industry and Child Labor


If it's not ethically or fair trade produced, chances are there was some really unethical things going on and that's something that I was unaware of up until even a year ago.

Rachel Roy

ILO estimates that 170 million are engaged in child labour, with many making textiles and garments to satisfy the demand of consumers in Europe, the US, and beyond

Makeda Melkie

Fast Fashion & Child Labor - Makeda Melkie
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sexual assault.png

The Truth of Sex Trafficking in the United States


In this country I think the common misconceptions that there is a creepy looking guy  in a white van who drives by and grabs girls from the street corner...that is not how it happens

Autumn Vandehei

The purchasing of someone else's body, even if it's legalized, for their own use is criminal activity 

Autumn Vandehei

Sex Trafficking - Helen Sweeney
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Empty Classroom

A Look Inside the School Curriculum


If the course selection process for next year left you asking “how did they decide what classes we have to take to graduate?,” this podcast will help answer that and other questions about the curriculum and the graduation requirements at St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes.  

Harrison Brown

"Many of those requirements, they speak to our mission." 

Lana Shea

A Look Inside the School Curriculum - Harrison Brown
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Ready at the Line



Most people think of hazing as a practice that takes place with college and high school sports teams. Mainly all boys sports teams.  

Tori Carr

The definition [of hazing] is such a ... loaded term and it's individualistically unique and it's based on perspectives, and it's based on what everyone's position is within the overall term.

Mr. Dodds

Haze-itutional - Tori Carr & Maria Simpson
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Plane in the Sky

It's A Small World


You never know when the world is going to circle around and dump you and your friends back in the same room together.

Bette Vajda

I consider home a place you long to return to, and feel as though you have your friends and family there most of the time.

Ipek Narbay

It's A Small World - Laetita Haddad
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Rose 1

Do You Accept This Rose?


The thought of someone finding love and being happy makes me happy.

Aron Sobers

I would send myself home... it would be like, 'listen we're just not compatible and I'm just better than you.'

Ms. Hardwick

Do You Accept This Rose? - Kitty Tyree
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