Senior Journalism Surprise!

by The Voice Staff

To our Seniors,


We know the last quarter of your Senior year was nothing like you expected. This unprecedented time has created a detour to what your “normal” ending of senior year would look like. However, throughout this time you all have demonstrated poise in the midst of the chaos. You have become problem solvers, you have demonstrated your resilience, and as the leaders of our school community you all have shown what it means to “get knocked down, and come back up swinging.” 

We also wanted to take a moment to remind you of the incredible work you have produced throughout your time on The Voice staff. Over the last four years, The Voice has produced 21 issues of print and digital journalism, and this year’s senior staff has been a major part of that effort. Further, you all have consistently kept the student body informed on the community, national, and global news throughout the school year. You all should be proud of the work you have poured into The Voice and the strong foundation you have created for the publication for years to come! 


Wait there’s more!


“Thanks to all the seniors for showing me the ropes this year and welcoming me to The Voice staff! All of you make the class such a positive environment, and I look forward to it every day! I am constantly inspired by all of your amazing articles. I've loved having the opportunity to collaborate and work alongside all of you this semester! I hope that you all enjoy college life and continue writing!” - Lily


“I will not only miss our seniors in Journalism class but in the hallways at school and during sports. I hope they know that they weren’t forgotten throughout this hard time and that the underclassmen hold them in their prayers. Their sudden absence has affected me because they have been true leaders at SSSAS, despite the situation. I don’t know how I would be able to get through a change like this, but they have taken it in stride with a positive attitude. They have strong characters, and wherever they chose to go for the future is lucky to have them!” - Hadley


“It's been a great semester with you all! Even though I didn't really get to know you well, I loved listening to your stories you would tell about your classes and teachers. The one about the teacher who got kicked off the google call by their own class was hilarious! You guys made the class entertaining and I wish you all the best as you head off to college! Don't forget to visit The Voice website even after you're gone and stay in touch!” - Lauren


“The seniors complete the journalism class. Do not know what we are going to do without them next year because they are all so dedicated & bring so much joy to the class. The Voice was lucky to have such a strong group!” - Katie


“Seniors, you are amazing! The way you all welcomed me into the staff last year was an amazing feeling I will truly never forget. You all welcomed me with open arms and created a community of collaboration that made our staff this year a seamless team! Thank you for making The Voice an intricate piece of our school’s community, and for working so hard to produce beautiful issues of journalism each month! I cannot wait to see all of the amazing things you all will do in college and beyond, you are all amazing and I wish you all nothing but the best!” - Chumani



And Congrats to the 2020-21 editorial team:

Chumani Chamberlain - senior editor

Katie Patrick - assitant editor

Lily Bertles - website manager