Edgardo Herrera

Maintaining Goodness As Well As Knowledge

By Maria Simpson '20

June 2019 Profile Issue 


Happy. In one word Edgardo Herrera can be described as a happy person, filled with the kindness and goodness that embody the spirit we all strive to have here at Saint Stephen’s and Saint Agnes School.

Mr. Herrera, Maternice Supervisor of the Upper School, started his employment at Saint Stephen’s and Saint Agnes all the way back in 1999. He started off his 20-year career at SSSAS directly after moving from El Salvador to the United States. “Believe it or not, since I came to this country I didn’t go anywhere [else].”


There have been quite a large number of changes since then. Before, Mr. Herrera and the rest of the maintenance staff worked under a contractor, as opposed to now where they work directly with the school. Another change has been the technology. With the advancements of modern technology the maintenance staff now uses a program called Schooldude. Schooldude allows teachers to virtually send in maintenance requests with just the click of a button. Mr. Herrera also manages an extremely impressive calendar coordinated to a T. It is filled with dates and events at all three campuses and is color coordinated to insure that all tasks are completed in an efficient manner, much like a well-oiled machine. However, he always has to stay alert for any issues that may not have initially been included, requiring keen powers of observation.


His morning, along with most of the maintenance staff, starts at six o'clock. He starts with a preliminary check of the campus making sure that everything is running smoothly. “When we come in the morning we have to check all the buildings around, outside, inside and then be sure that everything is working perfectly and there's always, always something to do around here.”


His peers and colleagues describe him as always busy and a hard worker, and he takes his commitment to excellence far beyond his job. He constantly is in pursuit of knowledge, taking classes to better understand an array of topics such as electricity. Even during his weekends he likes to wake up at six am to ensure a productive day.  When asked if he was a morning or night person he did not hesitate to respond with morning, explaining, “I know that some people like to stay up late but I am not that type of person. I always like to go to bed early.”


But when Mr. Herrera heads home from an event-packed day at work, he enjoys his time by decompressing with his family and perfecting his backyard or working around the house. Mr. Herrera is also very fond of listening to Merengue and Salsa as well as traveling. He strives to visit his mother at least once a year in El Salvador, where he likes to explore and go on adventures, another way he pursues knowledge. But if he could live anywhere in the world he would choose here in Virginia.  


His involvement within the Saint Stephen’s and Saint Agnes community doesn't just stop at his job and shared ideals, his two sons also attended SSSAS. Jonathan, his oldest, graduated in 2011, and Alex graduated in 2015. Most people in the community know Mr. Herrera well from 20 years of hard work, as well as the legacies of his two sons.


Mr. Herrera explains what he loves about the community of Saint Stephen’s and Saint Agnes: “The love that they have for everybody. I don’t think there is any other place like this one. The community that we have, it's a special place. This is a special place for most people. For everybody I would say.”


The maintenance crew works hard behind the scenes to guarantee the safety of the students as well as insuring a comfortable learning environment in which students are fit to thrive. When I asked Mr. Herrera what his favorite part of his job was he was quick to answer. “Service to all the people. Being sure that all the students are safe and in a good environment.” Although students may not always notice, we should all make an effort to thank Mr. Herrera and his staff for their hard work.