What to Watch: Sports Reruns and Documentaries

by CJ Shepherdson '20

Sports are such a part of our daily lives, that we have multiple channels dedicated just to sports. So at a time when there are no sports at all, this brings upon a challenge unlike any other for these companies. What do they play when there are no sports to talk about or games to show? 

Companies like ESPN are showing whatever they can to keep fans watching. They have been showing reruns of old games almost every night to try and keep fans engaged. They have also been playing old 30 for 30 documentaries as well. They have done a great job of showing historic rerun games to keep fans interested. I even see people on social media talking about the game that is on that night so it clearly is bringing the sports community together. With this being said, I want to give you some of the best sporting events to watch during this time.


What to Watch - 


USC vs. Texas, 2006 Rose Bowl

On the night of April 2nd, ESPN showed a rerun of the 2006 BCS Championship which was Texas vs USC. This game was an all-time classic, featuring some of the greatest players to ever play in the college ranks like Reggie Bush and Vince Young. This is a game that almost every sports fan remembers and it is at the point now where fans enjoy seeing it again because it has been so long. Though the rerun already happened, the game is on Youtube as well, along with multiple documentaries about the game.


The Last Dance, Michael Jordan 30 for 30

With the sports world so eager for something to watch, ESPN has decided to move up the release of its twenty-hour Michael Jordan documentary. It is a ten-part documentary featuring the untold story of Michael Jordan. It is premiering on April 19 and a two-hour episode will come out each week. Many people from our generation are very excited about this documentary because we did not witness the greatness that Michael Jordan was and what he accomplished.


Capitals vs. Golden Knights, Game 5

An easy one to rewatch, this was the game where the Washington Capitals won their first-ever Stanley Cup. The Caps were trailing most of the game until a late surge in the third period. What was a great game but also, of course, a great moment in Washington sports history is always a fun one to watch. While you're at it, you might as well rewatch the Nationals World Series run from the fall as well. 


Warriors vs Cavaliers, 2016 NBA Finals Game 7

One of the most historic games ever, Lebron James claimed his first title as a Cleveland Cavalier and completed the biggest comeback ever in the NBA Finals. An all-time classic game that has a wild finish.


Superbowl 51 - Patriots vs. Falcons

Whether you like him or not, Tom Brady is one of the greatest players of all time and he cemented his legacy in this game. Completing the greatest Superbowl comeback in history while winning his fifth Superbowl makes this game an all-time classic.


30 for 30s

If you're looking for something to fill your need for sports but don’t want to watch reruns, ESPN does a great job with their 30 for 30 documentaries, and I would highly recommend “The Fab Five,” “Vick,” and “You Don’t Know Bo.” They can be found on streaming sites as well as YouTube.