Staying Fit in Quarantine

by Halle Knutson '20

With Coronavirus taking over the world, many have had to come up with their own ways of staying fit and active. All non-essential businesses are closed, which means that gyms were forced to shut down. Other fitness businesses, such as SoulCycle and Orange Theory, also had to close their doors per the government's orders. So the question is, how are people staying fit? 

Many people are using walking as their main form of fitness, as it’s an easy way to get some fresh air and stay active. Walking is one of the most popular activities during this quarantine, as the streets are constantly crowded with families, couples, and singles, all walking outside. In an article published by the New York Times, Quarantined Runners Log Miles in Backyards and Living Rooms, Micheal Wardian, an ultramarathon runner who lives in Arlington, emphasized the increased amounts of people outside and how that affects his training. The article stated, “His strenuous off-road runs have been transformed. “Even my secret hidden trials are overrun with people now, because everyone has found the outside,” Mr. Wardian said. “Places where I would go for solitude are not as conducive for that.” Many runners have had to be creative in finding ways to push themselves to stay in top-shape, while also upholding the government’s standards. These athletes have created tracks in their backyards and found small loops that they can run over and over again. Runners are independent, they don’t rely on anyone else to complete a workout, but how are people who rely solely on fitness classes coping?

OrangeTheory Fitness is a workout franchise that specializes in high intensity interval training, otherwise known as HIIT workouts. Their response to Coronavirus has been to send out at home videos that people can watch so they can still train along with their instructors. These classes are free and provide a very simple way to keep yourself accountable, and many HIIT workouts don’t even require equipment. However, OrangeTheory isn’t the only company that has HIIT workouts. The Peloton bike is known for being a top of the line spin bike that provides live classes right on the screen. It provides great at-home workouts, but for some, the bike isn’t worth its hefty price tag. Enter the Peloton app. Providing a 90-day free trial, the Peloton app has a wide variety of workouts, including HIIT workouts, that don’t require any equipment. This is a game-changer because the app allows athletes to work at a top-notch level for free. 

Surprisingly, Tik Tok has started a few workout trends that have motivated teens and young adults. For many, the extrinsic motivation is why not try out this workout so I can make a tik tok about it and become famous? One popular workout is the “600 calories in 60 minutes,” which is a workout video created by PopSugar on Youtube. The workout is 60 minutes of stations emphasizing different muscle groups, with the goal of achieving a full body workout. This workout is extremely effective and only requires a fitness mat, so for many people it's an easy option to stay in shape. Another workout that is very trendy right now is a trend that was actually created last summer, Chloe Ting’s 2 Week Shred It Challenge. Chloe Ting is a fitness youtuber who is known for her short yet intense workouts. This specific challenge requires one to follow a schedule of certain videos to watch each day in order to get more defined abs. This challenge has also attracted people of a younger demographic to motivate them to be in shape for the summertime.

Many of our own students are also staying fit by using TrainHeroic, an app filled with different strength and endurance workouts programmed by Coach Johnson. The workouts consist of exercises that anyone can do in their own home or in your neighborhood. This provides another level of intimacy as it allows students to complete their own training with a familiar coach. The athletics department has made a large effort to keep students motivated by creating new challenges on instagram such as fitness fridays. Another thing girls athletes are participating in is “Yards for Yeardley.” This is a virtual program that was created by the One Love Foundation in place of their annual 5K. The goal as a school is to run, walk, bike, or swim 100 million yards. Girls athletes have an opportunity to report their yards each day in order to further the school’s progress. In addition, specific sports teams have also created spreadsheets with workout ideas for their specific athletes.

For students, one of the best and most popular places to work out is on the grounds of SSSAS. It gives people motivation to workout outside of their home, and possibly the opportunity to see their friends and teammates- from a distance. Shivani Gifford and Lacey Bartholomay are both seniors who have been taking advantage of the track and field areas at school. “I workout pretty much everyday cause I’m bored so might as well,” Lacey says, “I’ve been staying fit by playing lacrosse, running, lifting, and going on lots of walks. I have to do a workout from my army strength and conditioning packet once a day too, so that’s definitely keeping me fit.” Shivani also notes that “over quarantine [she’s] been staying fit by going to the upper school and doing lacrosse workouts.” 

Coronavirus may have stopped events all over the world, but it has not stopped people from working out and staying in shape. There are so many different workouts that are available to try that can help motivate you throughout this difficult time.