Blog: Tim Keefe

Sunday, March 15, 2020 

Today has been busier than I thought it would be. I started the day by sleeping until I woke up. I woke at 11:30 am this morning and went downstairs to have my daily breakfast burrito. I sit and talk to my parents for a while about the day’s activities until around 12:30. Around 2 o'clock I go to the Upper School with my brother and some friends to hit on-field batting practice. It was fine despite my season being suspended for the time being. After several rounds of hitting, we came back to my house and decided to play some basketball in my backyard. We played basketball until about 6:30. Then ate dinner that consisted of homemade burrito bowls. Around 8, my mom wanted to start the Marvel Saga and we watched the first Ironman. Being at home is not terrible. I go out on the occasional drive but my parents warn me to not be around large crowds. I will say though, that my phone usage has gone up, now that I am in quarantine.  


Monday, March 16, 2020

It is day two of quarantine. I have not left my house today like yesterday. I was woken early around 9:30am. I went downstairs and ate a turkey and cheese breakfast burrito. I then went upstairs and accidentally fell asleep again on my bed for thirty minutes. Around 12:30 I was invited by my brother and his friends to play basketball in our backyards again. This time however, I only played until about 2 p.m.  After I played basketball for a bit, I went inside and ate my lunch. It consisted of a turkey, salami and cheese sandwich and a glass of water.

After my lunch was finished I went upstairs to do the homework that is due tomorrow before my first online classes. I finish, AB calc homework, French, AP physics and AP Environmental science homework. This took longer than I thought it would. I started around 4 pm and just finished around 7pm. I will eat dinner soon after my daily shower. Following that I will hang out and go to bed early as I have a class tomorrow at 8:30. My mood, well it’s only the second day and I am already bored out of my mind. I check my phone non stop and when I am not, I am trying to find a way to keep myself occupied. I am wanting so much to hang out with my friends, but even that is not possible given the possibility for the country to go on lockdown. The only way I am able to even speak to them is when I play video games and that gets pretty dry quickly. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Can’t wait for what’s in store!  


Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Day three. I have started to lose my mind. Last night before going to sleep I got into an argument with my mom about whether or not I could have chocolate ice cream at 10 pm. Was not a good way to go to bed being angry at my mom for the littlest thing. I woke up this morning at 7:45 after going to bed at midnight. Safe to say, my mood was not in a good place this morning. It was very hard to find motivation to get out of my bed given that I did not want to “go to class” at 8:30. But surely enough I did and AP Environmental Science class started at 8:30. For today’s class Ms. Krane did not set up a google meet. She made everyone watch the first 40 minutes of the National Geographic movie titled “Before the Flood” with Leonardo Dicaprio. It was a very informing movie with lots of different details about how the world is warming and how global climate change is an issue. She then made everyone respond to discussion questions making that her way of saying we had been in attendance. It was a weird first online class with distance learning given that the teacher was not even present. Hopefully it will change during my next class which starts at 10:30. I have a free period now from 9:30-10:30. I have yet to eat my breakfast so I’m going to go do that now and wait for AP Government at 10:30.

After the government I had AP Physics. This class went by very fast and probably because of the material we went over. Mrs. Tyree told us that we had a test scheduled for Thursday during class. Are you kidding me? A test? I am very nervous about that because every physics test is a rollercoaster and now that it is during our distance learning, well, I guess we’ll wait and see. What happens, happens, I guess. After my physics class, I ate my lunch. It was a sandwich again. Then I spent about an hour and a half outside playing basketball. Around 4 pm, I was craving fried chicken. So I decided to go to Popeyes because, why not. On the way home from Popeyes, I stopped by a family friend’s house and helped her install two smart tvs. I was generous enough to help her and in return she paid me. Then I went home and waited for dinner. Tonight it was beef stew. Yummy. Then I played video games with some friends before I had to go to bed. My mood is in a funk. Right now I do not know whether to be happy or sad that I am not at school. If anything, I am in limbo right now. Confused because I see both sides. Yes, I am happy to not be in school but at the same time I am sad I can’t see my friends when I want to. The good news is I haven’t completely lost my mind… yet. 


Wednesday, March 18, 2020 

Day four. Only one day until “spring break.” Yay! I I guess. Not fun because I still have a physics test tomorrow the last day before break. Great… That’s what I wanted, another test. I was abruptly woken this morning at the wee hours of 7:30 am. I was not scheduled to have a class until 9:30am and planned to sleep in. However, my mom had scheduled for window cleaners to come today. So I woke this morning angry at my mother. I went into the basement and waited for my first class to start. At 9:30 am I had French class, which was not too bad. I just had to record a couple speaking portions and do a couple online exercises. I was supposed to have a math class but it got postponed last minute. I did have to do a couple math problems in my packet. I am sitting at my desk currently waiting for journalism to start. Then I’’ll be done with classes for the day. I have yet to eat my breakfast so I’m very hungry. Later today, I’ll have to study for my dreaded physics tomorrow on simple harmonic motion and waves. Ugh. I don't wanna study. After my Journalism class I went to eat my lunch. It was yet again, another sandwich. I want a break. I repeat. I WANT BREAK.