Fashion's Next Star: Tremaine Emory

Will Gillette '22

           While Tremaine Emory might not be a household name just yet, he has been slowly cementing his legacy as an iconic fashion designer. Tremaine Emory, born in Atlanta, GA, has been pretty well known within the fashion industry. He has his own brand, Denim Tears, that has taken off in popularity recently, and has also worked with many celebrities on creative direction, such as Kanye West and Frank Ocean. Works from Denim Tears were recently featured in the Met’s “Americana: A Lexicon of Fashion'' as the brand reflects a Black American experience.

            Despite Emory's success within the fashion realm, he is extremely humble as he is known for his philanthropy and activism. Emory is not afraid to use African American symbolism and themes within his work to honor culture and promote education for youth. 

           Recently, Emory made history as being the first publicly announced creative director of Supreme, arguably fashion's biggest brand. This announcement is huge for Emory as it is not only a huge platform for his positive and thoughtful design process but establishes his position as a fashion revolutionary.