Op-Ed: “Why I Am a Conservative Who Supports Trump” 

Not all conservatives are racist. Not all conservatives are sexist. Not all conservatives are homophobic. The vast majority aren’t; in fact, none of the conservatives I have met or have talked to are. Most Trump supporters are good people just like how most Biden supporters are good people, too. What many people forget, especially where we are, is that there are conservatives all around us whether you know them or not. You go to school with them every day, you eat lunch with them, and you are friends with them. There are more conservatives and Trump supporters than you might think, you just have to look for them. Many Trump supporters, including myself, feel as though we have been made out to be villains. We are not bad guys, we are Americans, and we should not be yelled at or canceled just for standing for the flag or for supporting our President Donald Trump. 


Most Trump supporters such as myself were horrified by the killing of George Floyd. Events like that should never happen and are completely unacceptable. We are fully onboard with the many remembrances of George Floyd. I encourage people to exercise their First Amendment right to protest. I do not encourage people to take to the streets and riot. Cities were burning, businesses already hurt by Covid were destroyed, and America watched scenes that looked like they were out of a dystopian novel. Many people seemed as though they refused to acknowledge these events were even happening. CNN described these events as, “Fiery but mostly peaceful.”  People chanted “Black Lives Matter” as they destroyed Black businesses and looted others causing 200 million dollars of damage in Minneapolis alone to businesses that were uninsured. George Floyd and so many others such as Ahmaud Arbery deserve justice. I don’t think cities burning and innocent people dying is the way to go about it. I am all for getting rid of bad and racist police officers and creating a more diverse police force. President Trump agrees with this because he signed an executive order in June which made it so that police officers could only use choking tactics if they were in life threatening circumstances and also uses the Justice Department to help make sure police departments were properly training their officers on de-escalating situations. I do not believe that the solution to this problem is to defund and potentially get rid of the police force. According to Bloomberg News, 13 cities took huge cuts out of the police department for their cities. Out of these 13, 12 of them saw a rise in homicide rate including New York City up 46 percent (NBC New York), Los Angeles up 25 percent (NBC Los Angeles), Philadelphia up 42 percent (Philadelphia Police Department), and Austin up an astounding 64 percent according to Statesman. The one city whose homicide rate went down was Baltimore by 3 percent, but that still puts it at 4th in most homicides. The evidence is clear that taking millions, and in some cases billions, of dollars from the police doesn’t work. President Trump agrees with this as he said in June during a White House roundtable with members of law enforcement, “We won’t be dismantling our police. We won't be disbanding our police. We won’t be ending our police force in a city,”  Many people support Trump because of how far  overboard Democrats have gone from this issue from attacking the police forces as a whole and by trying to make it even harder for them to do their jobs."Our country is suffering from a far-left radical movement ... that is trying to defame, demoralize, defund, dismantle and dissolve our great police departments," said Donald Trump in August about backing the police.


Another reason many people support Trump is because of his work in the Middle East. What Trump has accomplished in the Middle East is nothing short of remarkable; he is well on the way to ending the longest war in US history by negotiating peace deals between the Taliban and the Afghan government, and he has pulled most troops from Afghanistan. Right now there are 8,600 troops in Afghanistan compared to the 13,000 troops there in 2019 according to the US Department of Defense. Trump has promised to pull even more and reduce the number down to between 4 or 5 thousand by the end of November. He was resident when the US and its allies defeated ISIS in Syria. When Iran became a threat he eliminated Qassam Soleimani, who was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans on foreign ground. One of his most recent accomplishments has been the Abraham Accords signed between Israel, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates; the Trump administration brokered this deal that helped create peace in that area of the world and helped legitimize Israel as its own country which prior to and even now many Middle Eastern countries don’t do. Most people don’t understand how remarkable achieving this level of peace in the Middle East was. Instead of getting us involved in another war in the Middle East, this time with Iran, we avoided the conflict altogether; Iran doesn’t feel as confident to attack US troops and our allies in the Middle East. 


Another reason many people support Trump is because of the Democrats’ double standard. The current governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, was caught wearing blackface and admitted to it. The media gave little attention to it and everyone moved on in a short amount of time. In fact it was given such little attention that if you type in ‘Ralph Northam blackface’ the search bar will not automatically populate. What would happen if a Republican governor or politician wore blackface? He would be ordered to step down and canceled from public life, which would be fair. I think people deserve punishments for doing and saying racist things. This is the reason he has met with the families of those who have experienced racial injustice to better understand what they have gone through. What would have happened if Donald Trump had said, “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black,” instead of Joe Biden. The Internet and news outlets would have blown up, instead it was hardly seen anywhere and was completely forgotten about and swept underneath the rug altogether. While Democrats continually see America as being systematically racist towards people of color they seem to forget that Joe Biden has been in public office for 47 years. How has he not been a major part of systematic racism when he controlled the system? There is a point to be made about how the media would like you to see a specific type of person. For example, more conservative news sources would be pushing the idea of how BLM protestors are looters and all are not peacefully protesting. The same is to be said about liberal leaning new sources trying to paint the picture of conservatives being racist. One thing that I have learned is that all new sources are pushing an agenda. As someone whose political views lie in a moderate/centrist conservitive space, I often watch liberal leaning news sources so I can think critically about what I am hearing. Donald Trump stands up to the media and points out their censorship towards conservative figures and viewpoints. 


Many people support Trump because the Democrats have no direction as a party and no idea of where to go or of how liberal to be. The Democrats decided to turn their backs on Bernie Sanders because he was too radical and instead had to go with Biden. An example of Bernie Sanders’ radical ideas is the healthcare for all plans. The issue with this plan is not the moral of the idea, it's how you are going to pay for it. The Democrats are desperately trying to change their appearance to make themselves more appealing to the moderate voters. Many of the things Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have said in the past they have gone back on. Many examples of this include fracking and the environment. Kamala Harris on September 5, 2019 said, “There’s no question that I’m in favor of banning fracking.” When asked about it in the Vice President debate she completely refused that she had ever said it. Keep in mind Kamala Harris is the most liberal senator in the entire country in front of Bernie Sanders according to GovTrack Insider. Joe Biden also refused ever supporting banning fracking even though on multiple occasions most notably during the Democratic primary debates he said he supported “Eliminating fracking,” of course now that he is trying to win over voters especially in battleground states who depend on jobs from fracking he has completely gone back on what he has said. The reason for this is because Democrats realize that the US is a nation that has political values leaning to the moderate right of the political spectrum. Many of the things that Biden and Harris say may work for them in California, but they know they would never be able to win saying that to the rest of the US.


As a multiracial Hispanic, people often ask me why I would ever consider voting for Trump. When I answer that question I often get the response of how could you bring yourself to support that man when the things that he said have been so loaded with racism. I do not agree with some of the rhetoric that Trump has publicly expressed. One question that some minorities are asking themselves, primarily Hispanics, is do you vote for the opposition even if you fundamentally disagree with the opposition's policies. Trump has also done many good things for different racial and ethnic groups. Before the Coronavirus, Hispanic and Black unemployment was at an all time low. This is because of the many millions of jobs that Trump created in his first three years of presidency. One thing that has also not been talked about in the mainstream is Trump’s gains in specific ethinic groups. One group that he has been targeting in particular is the Hispanic or Latinx group. In 2016 he won a mere 26 percent of Hispanic/Latinx voters. In 2020 56% of Hispanic or Latinx voters say that they would vote for Trump. (NBC News) Minorities' support for Trump has also been left out of the mainstream media. 


The final reason many people support Trump is because they are tired of the career politicians making decisions for them. Unlike politicians who have let people down for almost 50 years Trump really spoke to people in ways Biden even at his peak never could. Trump speaks to American people who feel they have been forgotten and left behind by politicians. While many people criticize Trump for how he speaks he lights a fire in many people where a politician never has before. Trump himself agrees with this statement and says he ran a very unconventional campaign even describing himself as, “Following no rulebook,” While many people take this as instability and as being a lack of experience many people see this as a person who will stand up for them. Many people who do not live in or around DC see politicians very differently than we do. Many of them don’t feel the same trust or connection to political leaders as we do so for them having a politician who does things differently would be very appealing. An example of this is farmers who have received 46 billion dollars in relief this year according to the New York Times.   


In its essence, the Republican party is the party of freedom. It has been that way since the days of Abraham Lincoln. Republicans feel as though Trump is our best chance at keeping our freedom because of his policy, his outspokenness, and because he isn’t scared to stand up to other countries for the good of America. While sometimes Donald Trump has said some things that people including myself scratch our heads over, it comes down to who else? Four more years of Donald Trump means stability and working back to the economy we once had. Now is not the time for radical new ideas such as the Green New Deal that could potentially cripple our economy. Finally, while Biden might appear to be progressive based on his debate performances I think it is important for America to remember he is surrounding himself with incredibly liberal people. The scary part is I don’t think any of us know exactly how far Biden will go with his policies, and that is something I would never want running our country.