What to DIY

by Lily Bertles '22

What to D.I.Y.

As you all probably know, social distancing can be quite boring. Instead of watching Netflix to cure your boredom, try a fun D.I.Y project! The term D.I.Y. stands for Do It Yourself. D.I.Y. projects can pretty much be anything as long as you’re doing it yourself rather than buying something or paying someone to do it for you. For every D.I.Y project you will need certain materials and since we’re all stuck at home, it can be hard to buy what you need. Still, there are so many projects you can put together with what you have at home. Here are three D.I.Y projects you can try!


  1. When you want to upgrade your closet:

  Tie dye is really popular at the moment. If you are an avid tik tok user like me, you may have seen people wearing tie dye or making their own tie dyed outfits. For this D.I.Y. project you will need a colorful item of clothing and bleach. The clothing item should be a solid color and you can use any color but white. Essentially for this D.I.Y you just follow the normal tie dye steps but instead of dye you use bleach. I have yet to try this project but I highly recommend it because you can create really cute and trendy pieces to add to your summer wardrobe!

     2. When you want to decorate your room:

A picture collage is a fun and creative way to add a personal touch to your bedroom. You can use any photos or cut-outs to make your collage. Sophomore Eliza Young just finished making a collage to hang on her wall. “I ordered one of those canon printers that you can print tiny pictures off of because I was bored over spring break, and I just printed out pictures of me and my friends and family that either capture fun memories I have, or we are doing things that I enjoy,” said Eliza. I made a similar collage a few weeks ago but used photos I found on pinterest instead of photos I took. I simply printed them out and arranged them on my wall. It was super easy and fun and the collage brightens up my room a lot! 

     3. When you want to mix up your hair color:

Since all hair salons are currently closed, if you want to change your hair color you have to do it yourself. There are many ways you can color your hair. If you want a slightly lighter hair color or highlights you can use “SunIn,” which naturally lightens your hair in the sun. If you are looking to change your haircolor completely, you can buy hair dye at your local drug store or you can order it online. 


I hope these examples inspire you to try your own D.I.Y projects while stuck in isolation! If you’re looking for even more projects to try here are some websites for inspiration: