What to Listen to

by Lauren Irish '23

As the weather heats up and the winter’s cold melts away, the prospect of summer brings many of us out of our homes to indulge in the warm weather. However, due to the new COVID-19 regulations in place to protect us, we are unable to spend our time out with friends and family. Stuck inside our homes, we find it necessary to find new solutions to the problem of our boredom, and with our attempts, comes the sound of silence. Putting on our headphones or just letting the sound come out of the speaker, we resort to music to fill up the quiet gap. When interviewing four Saints (one from each grade), they all agreed they had been listening to more music due to being at home. 

A study by Alpha Data said that despite everyone in their homes and streaming their music, the top 500 songs dropped in popularity by 12.9% on the week of March 15. However, the classical music genre increased in popularity by up 1.5%, folk up by 2.9%,  and children’s music up by 3.8%. This caused digital album sales to fall by 12.4% and leading to music streaming services suffering the blow. It appears calm music is becoming a new favorite mood to listen to among many. 

When interviewing junior Emma Hughes, she said that she found herself,  “getting away from more of the rock music [she] had been listening to,” stating, “I’m trying to find music with a more positive feel.” Senior Evan Roper said that he had “been listening to a lot more jazz than [he] had been” despite usually listening to alternative bands. 

To reinstate a previous point, when we are alone we try to find new activities to sate our boredom, and in the case of music, new genres and songs to explore. Freshman Ollie Nichols agreed saying, “I have been able to discover a wide variety of new songs, in addition to what I have listened to in the past.” However, sophomore Caroline Ross said that she hadn’t been listening to anything new but “a lot more to Taylor Swift,” meaning some may just be comfortable listening to their favorite tunes instead of taking to new music. 

With my time inside, I have found that I have indeed been listening to other genres than my usual electronic and would like to recommend a couple in case you are on the hunt for your new favorite song. 



  • Losing You - Ephixa ft. Laura Brehm (electro house with a hint of EDM, great with headphones, my favorite electronic song to date)

  • Yours Truly - Mr FijiWiji ft. Danyka Nadeau (a mix of chillstep and drumstep)

  • Echo - The Living Tombstone, Crusher-P (dubstep with a loud backbeat and drums) 



  • Equus - Eric Whitacre (a full orchestra piece with a clarinet to kick it off and an oboe solo in the middle)

  • The Planets, Op.32: II. Venus, the Bringer of Peace - Gustav Holst (a calm orchestra piece with literally one of the best violin solos in the world)

  • The Lark - Mikhail Glinka (a beautiful piano solo piece written in minor with a lot of up and down scales in the middle, it has always been my favorite classical piece)



  • The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy (a song that paints the image of going to war, great string melodies are strawn throughout)

  • Basket Case - Green Day (a throwback angry teenage song with excellent guitar and bass parts) (recommended by Gatsby Olsen)

  • Valkyrie - Battle Tapes (a mix of rock and synthpop with a danceable beat) (recommended by Gatsby Olsen)



  • ghostin - Ariana Grande (a futuristic-sounding melody with a soprano voice) (recommended by Carolina Warring)

  • Moral of the Story [EXPLICIT] - Ashe (fast lyrics and simple melody with a consistent minor key piano part)

  • watch - Billie Eilish (catchy tune with creative incorporations of the sound of lighting a match throughout the song)



  • Corcovado (Quiet Night of Quiet Stars - Stan Getz, Astrud Gillberto, Antônio Carlos Jobim (a peaceful smooth jazz piece with simply a piano, saxophone, drums, and guitar)

  • Chambermaid Swing - Parov Stelar (my favorite electro swing song with an awesome bass, muted trumpet, and drum soli)

  • Summertime - Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald (a jazz classic that brings images of a hot southern backcountry)



  • Blown Away - Carrie Underwood (hard hitting lyrics and a melody that brings in those who may not like country music)

  • American Kids - Kenny Chesney (a bouncing melody with lyrics about a childhood in America) (recommended by Codie Campbell)

  • If I Die Young - The Band Perry (a 2010 country classic with a slow beat and a peaceful melody) (recommended by Codie Campbell) 



  • Toosie Slide [EXPLICIT]- Drake (a quiet melody in the back with drum beats and lyrics to dance to) (recommended by Carolina Warring)

  • Psycho  [EXPLICIT] - MASN (a song used in many Tik Toks, it has a catchy beat and easy to learn lyrics) (recommended by Carolina Warring)

  • Me Myself & I  [EXPLICIT] - G-Eazy ft. Bebe Rexha (honestly my favorite rap song with a nostalgic melody from long ago, but I still remember all the lyrics)